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Client Challenge

Guaranteeing that requested changes in a document - and only those requested - were completed correctly is easier if the reviewer/approver can easily compare the content of two text versions, regardless of paragraphs having been added or removed.

Preventing content duplication is critical, since various industry reports have shown that knowledge workers spend about 30% of their time looking for content that has already been created. In terms of waste, time and money are only the tip of the iceberg, because by continually creating corporate documents from scratch, companies run the risk of producing external and internal communications that are inconsistent in style, appearance, and - even worse - message. The corporate impact of these wasteful extra steps can be disastrous, particularly with respect to industry-specific compliance issues.

Offer Description Brand asset management

Papyrus Text Compare

Using Text Compare allows comparison of different versions of text paragraphs or different versions of document templates to identify, to annotate those in the text and to optionally write the meta information in a table for easy tracking.

With interactive letter writing, the user may change default text paragraphs or document templates and use Text Compare to track and display those changes for faster and easier routing to a supervisor for approval.

Verification of the content is not affected by text reflow if a font is changed or if text is moved to add a promotional label, for example. Text Compare is guaranteed to find all text differences between two documents, including inserted and deleted text, variables, bold, underline and cursive, through word-by-word or character-by-character comparison.

Text Compare also supports multiple languages and codepages and, as part of Papyrus Document Architecture, its features can be easily extended or changed without software changes.

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Papyrus Compare with Template

Papyrus Content Compare

Content Compare is a complete and user-friendly text verification function that electronically compares original documents with modified and revised versions of the same file. This significantly reduces errors and labor time by eliminating the need for hard-copy proofreading control. The Content Compare application is easily accessible and executed by browser or client/server interface based on a user’s authorization profile.

Papyrus AFP Compare

Especially useful to the corporate customer is the Papyrus AFP Compare Tool to verify backward document quality compatibility. The product can binary compare formatted AFP documents generated by different formatter software versions in a high-volume batch process, as well as verifying single documents via WYSIWYG on a user PC.

An XML report file is produced by Papyrus documenting possible differences.

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Papyrus AFP Compare Tool

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Papyrus AFP Compare Tool

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Papyrus AFP Compare Tool

Value Delivered

Key Benefits/Value

  • Time, effort and error reduction
    • Elimination of content duplication
    • Reuse of previously approved content
    • Embedded translation into variants
    • Effortless backward document compatibility results
  • Compare functionality for text-centric content
    • Paragraphs or document templates
    • Meta information included

Product Configuration

  • Papyrus WebRepository
    Text and content compare, sign-off processes, languages and codepages, versions and variants, user authorization and audit trail are standard functions supported by the Papyrus WebRepository.
  • Papyrus Client/Desktop
    Administrator and end user works with WYSIWYG text and content compare results on the desktop or in browser/portal.
  • Papyrus AFP Compare Toolkit
    Provides batch AFP binary compare functionality.