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Raiffeisen scan application

Capturing Uniquely Intelligent iPhone Payments

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The Business

The Raiffeisen Banking Group is the largest banking group in Austria, with 513 independent local cooperative banks, 1682 branches, eight regional headquarters. The Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG (RZB) is the central institution of the country's densest banking network and the parent company of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). Approximately 1.7 million Austrians are members if a local cooperative Raiffeisen bank, and more than 40% of all Austrians are Raiffeisen customers.

The Challenge

To process payment orders in central Europe, bank customers must visit a bank branch office to physically submit the slip for the bank transfer, or enter all the transaction data into their online banking application - now even more difficult with the introduction of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) with 20 digits or more.

To make life easier for their customers, Raiffeisen decided to implement leading-edge technology to support an advanced mobile scan application to conveniently capture and process payments via the iPhone.

The Solution

Using Papyrus Capture, Raiffeisen and ISIS Papyrus developed an application and iPhone app with a unique payment slip scan function that simplifies the correct capture of the complete payment slip data.

Users select 'payment scanning' and take a photo of the whole payment slip with the iPhone. After verification and possible correction of the captured data, these items can be processed immediately or later. The subsequent payment transfer is handled either by Raiffeisen "ELBA-mobil" or "ELBA-internet" banking.

The app went live in August 2011 and downloads reached 10,000 within the first month.

The future

This innovative app created for Raiffeisen fills the void between the convenience of mobile banking and the traditional processing of physical payslips, invoices and remittance ­papers.

Intelligent Mobile Payments

Implementation of Raiffeisen's iPhone payment application benefitted from the experience of a decade of processing hundreds of millions of payment slips via back office scanners with Papyrus Recognition Software. However, the variation in image quality of photographs via mobile device cameras includes distortion, varying brightness, and colors that need to be red filtered and intelligently binarized.

Experienced ISIS Papyrus Capture developers helped ­Raiffeisen overcome these hurdles with increased recognition rates of printed (mainly numeric) and handwritten fields to fulfill the customer's requirements.

With Papyrus Capture, Raiffeisen offers a uniquely advanced solution that goes beyond reading two or three numeric fields on the photographic image to recognize and verify:

  • The whole document (type of document and location of data)
  • Alphanumeric characters
  • Handwritten amounts

Pre-entered data captured with Papyrus are securely transferred with the flexible Papyrus WebServer/HTTPs to ­Raiffeisen's online banking system ELBA.

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Task-driven approach (ACM with EYE Widgets)

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Task-driven approach (ACM with EYE Widgets)

Internal and Customer Benefits

Instead of tedious manual data entry for payslip and invoice payments - and potential errors - Raiffeisen banking customers may simply use the iPhone camera to photograph the payslip and let the state-of-the-art capture and OCR technology from ISIS Papyrus do the rest. End users of the iPhone app confirmed saving time doing the 'paperwork', including avoiding mistyping data during manual entry and repetitive activity with forms. It also simplifies entering the new IBAN and BIC codes by checking the scanned photo of the payslip or remittance paper for errors and foregoing manual entry and verification.