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General Applications

With the new Age of the Customer, widespread collaborative processes and the focus on customer-centric and dynamic, context-specific communication, traditional BPM and case management have been pushed to their limits with rising enterprise expectations for advanced flexibility and adaptability.

Businesses looking to build high-value relationships with their clients and customers require speed, integration and efficiency in processing varying customer cases, contracts and claims, as well as consistency and relevance of communications in diverse customer scenarios and changing business environments.

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Process Design based on Rules and Goals

Adaptive Case Management - A New Way of Working

In order to deliver on their future vision, customer-focused organizations are increasingly turning to business technology that is using adaptive case management and dynamic business processes to create the right balance between client orientation, transformational growth and productivity improvements.

New Adaptive Case Management solutions are designed to dynamically adapt each interaction with its surrounding situation and to help people collaborate more effectively in supporting business activities that are unpredictable in their execution, loosely structured, and subject to frequent change.

In short, today’s approach to optimizing the customer experience is all about ease of use, agility, speed, innovation and managing the unexpected.

Papyrus Adaptive Case Management – Unified Solution for Digital & Traditional Business

Papyrus Adaptive Case Management (ACM) provides the integrated OOTB platform for high-value, unique and skill- or knowledge-intensive customer service processes for wide-ranging business requirements across industries and domains. Papyrus ACM solutions can be applied across channels as a part of a company’s digital strategy, as well as in traditional business activity, and leveraged for multi-departmental, process-oriented applications, customer service and critical collaborative project work, as well as ACM-powered customer-facing solutions in traditional branch office operations.

Out-of-the-Box Framework for Fast Value Delivery

The Papyrus Adaptive Case Management (ACM) Framework is an integral part of the Papyrus model-execution platform and provides the architectural guidance, executable configurable components, and powerful visual means to help enterprise teams jump-start the creation of critical business processes and quickly deliver significant business benefits - all with the same investment and within one setup.

Designed into an Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) Framework to reduce the time and complexity of creating adaptive process solutions, Papyrus ACM is ideal to gain strategic advantage by addressing customer needs via unique business services that can be rapidly developed - delivering value significantly faster and at a fraction of cost through configuration and adaptation without traditional coding.

The Papyrus ACM Framework can flexibly interoperate with other ready-to-use Papyrus solution Frameworks to mix-and-match their functionalities for any need. Papyrus business solutions can then be easily modified and extended at any time via configuration and customization to grow and evolve with the business and promote operational transformation and innovation.

Adaptive Case Management – Value Stream Request Service

Simplified Integration, Interoperability & Connectivity

Papyrus ACM solutions interface with any business system, as well as back-office users, by leveraging Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) to flexibly integrate via loose coupling and configuration without APIs or hard-coded programming.

Simplified Integration for the Omni Channel Enterprise

Any system, application or database that supports at least one of the most common interfaces and protocols provided by a range of Papyrus SOA Adapters and Type Managers can be simply and easily integrated to ensure complete interoperability and connectivity:

  • Online channels/portals - Web Services, SOAP, HTTPs, Social, Mobile-REST
  • Email/messaging – SMTP, POP3, SMS
  • Mainframe - JES 2/3 & CICS
  • Databases - Oracle, SAP, DB2, MS-SQL, ODBC
  • Java, .Net, MQ-Series, FILE, XML, FAX, VOIP, SNMP, LDAP, CMIS

Empowerment of Business Users

Adaptive Case Management puts people at the center of process and allows them to intervene and apply their judgment and expertise to adapt the process to the concrete business situation and create exactly what they need, when they need it - to achieve the best possible process outcomes.

The core difference from traditional BPM is WHERE and HOW can users formulate actions they want to take on data or content to reach business goals. In ACM business users can DESIGN while they EXECUTE.

Papyrus business users can design communication and create and modify customer interactions, as well as manage business rules and adaptive processes, and freely interact with process artifacts to dynamically change content, processes and rules at the process execution time – all to achieve the optimal customer experience and business outcomes.

Powered by Omni Channel Communication

Process means little without content - ACM solutions usually involve business communication to and from customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. This is why Papyrus ACM Framework integrates seamlessly with the Papyrus Omni Channel communication platform’s inbound and outbound capabilities and places them at the disposal of case workers - directly into the process of handling a business case.

Omni Channel Communication

All currently existing inbound and outbound communication channels (print, e-mail, fax, Web, SMS, social media, mobile, etc.) are fully supported with closed-loop communication providing immediate ‘2 - way’ interaction and improved customer experience through continuous engagement with the customer.

Single View of the Customer

With direct access to the complete incoming and outgoing content, seamless back-end system integration, flexible document creation and content delivery capabilities, as well as a full support for handling various types of documents and information, Papyrus ACM users have at all times a full 360-degree view of the customer case and can act effectively and immediately as required.

Consolidating ECM, CRM and BPM for a single view of the customer

Maximizing Future Value

By concentrating on five major elements – goals, data, content, rules, and intuitive UI - Papyrus ACM provides the enabling technology for enterprise-wide consolidation and seamless integration of enterprise content with business processes and customer communication.

This powerful foundation empowers the rapid development of the next generation of customer-oriented, process-driven business communication solutions for a fully connected customer experience that evolves with your business. Papyrus gives you the tools and the technology to take digital further at the pace of change.

Papyrus integrates 5 essential elements needed for every business application.

Value Delivered

Key Benefits/Value

  • Single, integrated communication & process platform is state- and event-driven and rule-based (data-driven)
  • Holistic customer view for end-to-end case management
    • Out-of-the-box shared case folder with different views based on case status and user
    • Closes the loop with integration of inbound and outbound communication for full-circle response
    • Collaborative process for transparency and efficiency
    • Secure team access to case information
  • Single point of access to all information
    • Reduced data entry errors
  • Efficient, centralized output management
  • Interface with all business applications and legacy systems
    • Any document type or object can be added to the case
    • All cases centrally stored
  • Enhanced consistency and compliance with internal and external regulations
    • Flexibility for automation of all processes and future business changes
    • Archiving with retention policies
  • Increased operational performance and results
    • Optimization of case worker’s time
    • Increased efficiency in time to market
    • Reduced implementation, maintenance and development costs
    • Reduced manual operations and minimal duplication of documents and data

Key Features

  • Shared case folder available to authorized users working on the case subject to specific security and access control rules
    • User authorization and authentication
    • Auditing
    • Change management, digital signature, versioning, variant control
    • Support for collaboration - chat, e-mail, phone
  • Real-time access to common case data, documents and activity
    • Activities, to-do’s, check lists
    • Calendar
    • Inbound and outbound communications
    • Tasks with priority and deadlines
  • Customizable views can include different information, such as
    • Form showing case data or content
    • Tasks history
    • Discussions
    • Dashboard
  • Automatic process discovery and implementation in real time (UTA & Activity recorder)
    • The Activity Recorder/Player supports the employee with repetitive tasks, minimizes user interaction and reduces errors
    • Recorded activities can be reused
    • User Trained Agent supports employee decision-making, learning from observed patterns
  • Classification and extraction of data of inbound mail, fax and emails
  • Integrated outbound correspondence system
    • Generate and respond to letters, cancellations and claims
    • Access through browser or fat client interfaces
    • Accessible to clerks, sales, business partners and customers
  • Business application and legacy system integration
    • Wide range of Adapters and Typemanager interfaces
    • Comprehensive document and object support - MS Office, SMS, chat session, wiki pages, HTML, XML, PDF, audio, video, CAD CAM, X-ray, photos, etc.
  • Long-term archiving of the case and its content with retention policies
  • Monitoring tools and views suitable for reactive or proactive approach

Product Configuration: Adaptive Case Management

Platform products:

  • Papyrus WebRepository
    Central management of content and process, administration and control of access, business process management, document template management, data and logic; versioning, validation and auditing; business rule definition and management; record management; sign off and change management; user authorization and security functionality, GUI
  • Papyrus WebArchive
    Short-term and long-term storage and retrieval plus fast search for all outbound mail and inbound mail content. Full-text search. Instant retrieval of indexed electronic documents in AFP and PDF, HTML. Any other mail, process and full case content can be stored in a central or distributed depot such as video, voice, messages, Chat, email, etc. Papyrus AFP Viewer for direct AFP viewing, plus AFP-to-PDF conversion on the fly.
  • Papyrus Adapter/LDAP interfacing directly with defined user roles.
  • Papyrus Adapter/MQ Series, SOAP Adapter, REST JSON
    Definable messaging interface for business data, compiler- and platform-independent


  • Papyrus Designer/Capture
    Graphical definition for extracting text keywords and data fields from scanned image, e-mail, SOAP message and fax.
  • Papyrus Recognition Server/FreeForm®
    Automated “machine-learning-technology”, pattern recognition, contains OCR/ICR (5 engines) and “Context Fuzzy Record Associator”, image correction, document classification, data extraction and validation, e-mail text classification, distributed archiving and automated content replication.
  • Papyrus Client/Capture
    Manual correction on the desktop or in the browser.
  • Papyrus Adapter/POP3
    E-mail classification, delivery and/or response; alternatively, trigger a formatting job on another node in the system.


  • Papyrus Client/Desktop
    Available for Desktop, Browser and Mobile
  • Papyrus Designer Package
    Outbound WYSIWYG document design, data variable definition, complex logic definition.
  • Papyrus DocEXEC and DocEXEC/PDF
    High-speed formatter for batch, online and user-interactive documents on 11 platforms generating AFP and PDF formats with indexes, OMR and barcodes, table of contents, page sorting, print last page first, etc.
  • Papyrus Document Pool
    Collecting all outgoing documents in the Pool for bundling, sorting, merging and optimized mail to print and digital channels.
  • Papyrus Server (IPDS, IJPDS, PCL, PS, e-mail, fax)
    Printing AFP and PDF to all common laser printers on the market, e-mail SMTP and fax support.