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Papyrus ACM Solution Strategy

In the digital age, automating common, repetitive work activities boosts efficiency and cuts costs. But in many customer service-focused situations, non-routine, collaborative, knowledge worker-centric activities will dominate the way work gets done in your organization - exceptions are the norm. Regardless of the industry you are in, a well-rounded enterprise digital transformation strategy demands both process automation and case management - from basic workflows to very sophisticated capabilities with adaptive flexibility. Firms are seeking to automate processes and transform customer experiences through quick response times and high levels of service, regardless of whether the workforce is on-site or remote.

How to move fast: Delivering ACM solutions at speed at scale

The awarded Papyrus ACM Business Designer is used by creative non-technical professionals to quickly define any business process driven case with automation and orchestration integrated with business data from the core systems and Omni-channel communications. There is no programmer needed.

Any workflow from ‘Request to Closure’ with multi-step Reviews, Approval & Sign-off, content routing and delivery, Release & Change Management can be created with the Papyrus Business Designer and is customizable in collaborative work of the creative designer team.

Manage any type of work

With the new Age of the Customer, widespread collaborative processes and a focus on customer-centric and dynamic, context-specific communication, traditional BPM and case management have reached their limits as enterprise expectations for enhanced flexibility and adaptability have increased. The core difference with traditional BPM is WHERE and HOW users can formulate actions to apply to data or content to achieve business goals. ACM ensures that you can take care of every single customer situation by automating and orchestrating all types of work – from fully automated processes to adaptive collaborative processing and case management - in a single environment.

  • Build for speed.

    Automate everything that can be automated. All tasks that follow a fixed set of rules or procedures can run in a fully automated way – without delays.

  • Adapt in real time.

    Flexibly handle dynamic, event-driven processes that can take different execution routes to reach the goal. Built-in intelligence guides employees adding ad-hoc tasks and modifying running processes „on-the-fly“ - at the process execution time.

  • Handle exceptions dynamically.

    Leverage the employees' skills and experience to handle unforeseen situations without the involvement of IT. Employees can handle any situation and assemble entire business processes with any sequence and structure interactively on the fly. Changes are immediately executable and the corresponding graphical notation automatically charted in the background for use in similar situations.

Connecting everyone in organization

ACM processes run across teams and departments, connecting all stakeholders - internally and externally - collaborating on the same case. Requests are automatically assigned, processed and forwarded, while intuitive Wizards guide users in handling the work. They work in virtual teams and can communicate, draft, generate, propose, revise, execute, and sign documents, sharing content and making ad-hoc decisions in real time.

Engage anytime and anywhere

Cases, such as a loan, incident, insurance claim or a contract typically involve different groups of people inside and outside of an organization – customers, partners, employees, external experts.

With the Papyrus platform integrated Omni-channel inbound & outbound communication, all stakeholders can effectively connect, communicate and work on a common case anytime, from everywhere.

  • Be aways-on.

    Listen across channels and customer touch points – customer self-service portal, email, paper, mobile, social, chat – with all information instantly captured, extracted and delivered to the case.

  • Provide guidance.

    Deliver smart, engaging experiences with interactive forms, videos, live chat and Wizards and any other means to help customers quickly navigate and enter data, photos, documents and information you need to deliver value.

  • Deliver personalized and connected experience.

    Engage with your customers in a bi-directional conversation wherever they are. Omni-Channel communication provides a seamless, connected experience across multiple devices, channels and touch-points, connecting all interactions with the customer into a single conversation for the best customer experience.

  • Speed up completion.

    All stakeholders working on a case have an immediate access to the customer and stakeholder communication and can chat, phone and send messages, emails and letters directly from a case.

Work smarter with a digital workplace

Case management applications manage multiple elements - documents, emails, messages, inquiries, data, contracts and communication histories – linked in a larger case.

  • Connect customers, partners, agents and employees.

    Engage internal and external stakeholders into a process-driven collaboration, creating, retrieving, reviewing and sharing information to deliver value in record time. Requests are automatically assigned, processed and forwarded, with integrated chat, web conferencing, social media and messaging for active collaboration of all stakeholders involved in a case.

  • Connect front-end directly with back-end.

    Connect with customers wherever they are, with all customer interactions immediately linked to the back office and made available for processing without delay.

  • Offer great employee experience (EX).

    ACM brings together everything that belongs together – data, content, communication and processes – making sure that everything is instantly available wherever needed.

    A central 360-degree digital workplace provides all communication, collaboration and data right at the employees’ fingertips - with NO NEED TO SWITCH between systems. With a digital workplace designed to work as you do, an ACM case becomes a framework for collaboration of all stakeholders – business departments, partners and suppliers – all working on achieving a common goal.

Provide transparency

Process and task monitoring provides full transparency and insights into processing and execution of customer cases, improving quality and speed of decision making.

  • Stay up to date.

    Gain an overview of priorities, pending matters and delays, as well of who is doing what, what was accomplished in what time, with activity notifications and responses.

  • Create an “Online Command Center”.

    Support your teams with easy-to-retrieve information in online dashboards and reports to make informed decisions and check compliance in a timely manner.

  • Audit.

    Analyze activities in minute detail, with the complete case history (data, processes, activities, views, inbound and outbound communication, SOA interfaces) stored for evidence and auditing.

Implementing new applications in weeks

The ability to innovate really quickly is critical for business agility and growth especially in times of change. We empower organizations to become fast innovators and rapidly build new business services on-top-of a ready-to-use enterprise-scale platform foundation with integrated Omni-channel Inbound & Outbound communication, Content services, BPA and fast Integration capabilities.

The ‘Fit-for-future’ scalable platform makes effective use of modern digital technologies and speeds up the business application creation through definition and configuration instead of coding – rapidly turning requirements into individual solutions in a fraction of required time. New applications can be deployed and run wherever needed - in all flavors of Cloud, on virtual machines or On-premise servers - utilizing the unique advantages of the chosen architecture.

The six integrated elements of ACM

The ability to innovate really quickly is critical for business agility and growth especially in times of change. We empower organizations to become fast innovators and rapidly build new business services on-top-of a ready-to-use enterprise-scale platform foundation with integrated Omni-channel Inbound & Outbound communication, Content services, BPA and fast Integration capabilities.

Automation. Orchestration. Integration.

Papyrus orchestrates all types of processes, integrates with data from core systems and Omni-channel communications and provides a single view of all activities with a holistic experience, ensuring transparency and compliance at a fraction of the cost - without traditional coding.

Activities and tasks are driven by goals and events, and can be fully automated or they can be collaborative and adaptive, enabling users to make smart decisions and take actions that are best suited for the specific case.