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Enabling fast & cost-effective building and modernization of your business applications

Multi-disciplinary teams can design and compose Business Value Streams in a fraction of time and cost. Companies across industries are uniquely positioned to take advantage of connected technologies, data from any system, AI-powered technology, Omni-Channel communication and Content Services, to engage with customers on a whole new level and quickly deliver new 'fit-for-future' digital solutions to the business.

The Challenge

  • Traditional software development is too slow
  • IT resources are too scarce for the many demands
  • Lost in translation of requirements
  • Outcome does not align with business objectives
  • Business case transparency
  • Speed of development, maintainability, UI and deployment

The Solution

  • Start building with the outcome in mind
  • Non-technical tools for the application teams
  • Reducing resource gaps by broadening teams
  • Design and composition in ONE step
  • Over time improvements and extensions
  • Delivering key functionality in waves

Experience a Mind-Shift

Converse is key innovation that gives business managers the power to define the business value stream, starting with the desired outcome. They can think about the ultimate goal and then reverse engineer a plan to achieve the goal by describing the necessary prerequisites in the preceding stages. With an easy access to expert technology on the radically simplified iPad interface, managers can materialize ideas accurately and quickly.

The Value Stream Perspective

Focus on the most important values in your business by thinking in terms of value streams. This will give you the right perspective to understand what values you want to promise to your customers and how your employees can deliver on this promise.

Converse Designer | Composer

Used by multi-disciplinary teams of business professionals (analyst/consultant), creating their own conversational business applications and delivering outcome aligned with business objectives without ever writing a line of code.

Business professionals can import the design of the managers and assemble it in ONE step, ensuring that business goals are met and corporate policies are adhered to.

Make Your Policies Transparent and Executable

Take Advantage of Connected Technologies

Converse combines all the aspects you need for your business applications.

Converse uniquely integrates:

  • A collaborative work environment
  • Compliancy checking
  • Flexible process execution
  • AI-powered user trained agent
  • Integration with data from any system
  • Content accessible anytime from anywhere
  • Cross-channel business communications

This is enabled and brought to life by:

  • A conversational UI
  • Natural language compliance rule and goal definition
  • Business terminology
  • Easy form definition
  • Guided non-tech deployment of new definitions
  • Simulation and testing
  • Seamless integration with other services

Business Terminology

Each business uses their specific terminology. The concepts and relations used in the everyday language can easily be defined in the business applications. Rules and goals are written based on the business language. This way, they are understandable and meaningful to all users of the system.

Converse Client | The digital Workplace

Browser | Tablet | Mobile

Whether in project management, claims handling or service ticket - business collaboration benefits from fast, seamless processes and effortless experience without media breaks. Converse lets you automate and optimize work to compete successfully with greater speed and agility!

Adhere to Rules Defined by Management in the Conversational UI

The Conversational User Interface guides knowledge workers in the process execution, helping achieve their business goals by suggesting the Best Next Action, powered by Papyrus patented AI Learning algorithm.

The user interface, by design, does not require coding. The conversational command interface understands semantic meaning through Natural Language Processing using the Business Ontology. The actions are to be completed, constrained by business rules to ensure compliance, and are stored in a 'conversational memory' for effective machine learning and auditing.

Active Guidance by The User Trained Agent

Artificial intelligence (AI) user-trained technologies represent a huge leap forward in efficiency, flexibility and overall business agility. Harnessing the power of our Digital Workplace and Platform technology delivers a superior total employee and customer experience (TX) and empowers your business teams to experience a single, connected, end-to-end journey - from request to closure.

Get The Best Out of Your Conversations - Turn Them Into Business Transactions

Collaborate through a conversational interface to do work most efficiently and in compliance with the company goals and policies. Interacting with colleagues, partners or customers is one of the main tasks for companies in any kind of work or value stream. Efficient interaction, seamless collaboration and integrated content services gives the knowledge worker a 360-degree view that provides the complete information over the current state and past events in that particular stream.

Manage Documents With Content Services

Integrated content services such as versioning, extraction and use of metadata for all your documents used in your business context, will give you the ability to not only store but also easily find documents collected in the past. Converse uses the services of our 'All in ONE' document lifecycle platform to satisfy various needs for document creation and multi-channel delivery.

Automate by Using Capture Technology

Automatic capture of relevant data and implicit training of the capture engine while the user works with the system ensures the lowest possible maintenance effort for storing and finding your documents in the given business context. The flexible process definition provides the ability to keep track of the progress of the document approval cycle by the business and gives the knowledge worker all the tools to understand which tasks are still outstanding to reach the best possible outcome.

Building Your Business Value Streams Leveraging The Papyrus Platform

Seamless Integration with Existing Applications

  • Online channels/portals - Web Services (REST), SOAP, HTTPS
  • Email/messaging - SMP, POP3, MAPI, IMAP, SMS
  • Mainframe - JES 2/3 & CICS, MQ
  • Databases - Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, ODBC
  • Application integration - SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Guidewire, Office 365, Social
  • Java, .NET, MQ-Series, FILE, CML, FAX, VOIP,
  • LDAP, OKTA, Saml, OAuth2.0, CMIS

Papyrus Platform Advantages

  • Seamlessly integrated component system
  • Provides a 360 degree view of the customer case
  • Built on one source
  • Unlimited scalability across opterating systems
  • Available on desktop, tablet, browser and mobile
  • Deployment in the Cloud, Windows, UNIX and mainframe

Papyrus Digital Business Platform