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Experience a mind-shift when building ANY new business application

The Challenge

Companies have a huge backlog on digital business applications. IT does not have the resources. Legacy needs modernization. Security is vital. An innovative new approach to have business build these applications is the answer. To be fast is everything.

Papyrus Converse

The Solution

Papyrus Converse builds on the award winning Papyrus ACM framework solution and leverages the rich and integrated Papyrus digital platform capabilities. Papyrus Converse is a Designer/Composer which empowers the business analyst in a graphical user interface to build their own conversational business applications in a fraction of time and cost. They use business language, a rule book and a conversational user interface. There is no coding needed.

Integration with the existing applications and infrastructure is facilitated by a broad variety of Papyrus Adapters and Typemanagers. These compiler and platform independent interfaces drastically reduce the amount of time and effort required for interfacing with existing applications, data and devices.

Papyrus Converse bridges the Information gap

At the core of Papyrus Converse is the Information Model aka Business Ontology where Business Concepts and Relationships are being modeled and terms being defined in the Dictionary. Actions and Decisions relate to business concepts and are at the core of any applications. Business rules ensure compliance and together with Artificial Intelligence enable automation of decision making. Customer Experience is not an afterthought but seamless integrated in Converse.

Papyrus helps bridging the information gap

Papyrus Converse uses an Information Model and business language Ontology

Business Language

Machine Learning instead of BPM

Machine Learning embedded

Papyrus User-trained-Agent learns from the knowledge worker and suggests the best-next-action in real-time. Robotic Process Automation is achieved by granting the UTA the role and entitlements to execute Actions. The patented UTA uses a Machine Learning algorithm that does not need a lot of training samples and makes use of the information gathered in the case.

Customer and User Experience in Real Time

Realtime UX

A conversational UI

Customer Touchpoints

Rules are entered in natural language

Decision Rules

Converse runs on Desktop/Browser and Mobile

Mobile enabled

Papyrus Converse leverages the capabilities of the Papyrus Digital Platform

Papyrus Platform Modules