Papyrus Online Channel Applications

Accessible everywhere on PC, tablet or mobile

With the increased penetration of the internet and smartphones, corporations are looking into leveraging multiple distribution channels to reach out to prospects and customers and provide them with a consistent, positive experience. The online sales of products and related services has tremendous potential, keeping the overall costs low. Papyrus Online channel meets the new demands by introducing an innovative business solution for companies to promote their online customer-centric services and dynamically and consistently win, serve and retain prospects and customers.

Business maintained applications

Online channel services can be fully managed by the business and be leveraged for product and service requests, to capture your leads and to collect customer feedback. Our solution integrates with your Website and works as an integrated part of the whole Papyrus omni-channel network - directly linked with the back office where operational users perform Adaptive Case Management.

Papyrus Online Channel: Start Page

Papyrus WeChat integration

Full integration with back office

The customer information is securely transferred to backend systems as entered, and any activity on the front-end is immediately reflected on the back side to initiate actions, connect to back-end services and provide the required data on the fly.

Integration with back office

Papyrus Online Channel: Straight-Through Processing

The current information from the customer interaction is dynamically combined with the data from CRM and your other systems, as well as calculations performed on the server side to create personalized, custom-made content in the specific context of the customer - e-policies, e-offers, e-contracts, etc. - in real-time.

Full integration with WeChat

Your corporate band on WeChat. A new and powerful way to interact with your customers.

800+ Million users in the world use WeChat and can now leverage the powerful Papyrus platform to access cross industry business applications in the WebChat channel.

WeChat with Papyrus: Request ad-hoc statement

WeChat with Papyrus: View your statement or any other document

WeChat with Papyrus: Interactive personalized services

Papyrus capabilities include:

  • Send promotions and campaigns
  • WeChat as the preferred output channel
  • View your statement or any other document
  • Request an ad hoc statement
  • Request new product or service information
  • Ask your questions
  • Request an ad hoc offer
  • Enroll products
  • Close a loan contract / sign digitally
  • Open an account
  • Upload a claim
  • Calculate the premium

The options are limitless….

WeChat with Papyrus: Request loan terms

WeChat with Papyrus: Submit personal data

Effectively acquire new customers

With an easy and fast customer access to product information, personalized quotation in just a few clicks, tailor-made proposals and online or on-site purchase, companies can now secure effective, time-efficient sales at a low operating cost.

Time efficient and effective sales fully integrated with the traditional channel

The Online channel solution is fully integrated with the traditional channel and accessible everywhere – on PC, tablet or mobile. By one definition on the server, the entire functionality can be propagated to multiple different channels, so that your customers can look at it on mobile or directly on the laptop or however they wish to interact with you. The enhanced customer experience is an incentive for clients and is used to effectively acquire customers and create new revenue.

Responsive mobile-first design (optimized for desktop, mobile and tablets)

Digital solutions defined and maintained by business teams

Online services are managed directly by the business and can provide any content and processing with a full access to the Papyrus Platform key functionalities, such as Business Correspondence, Correspondence Wizard, Case Management, Outbound and Capture - working directly through this UI. Web/Mobile user front end, rules, process and e-document templates are defined by the business without the need for IT engagement.

Enrollment – interactive questionnaire (Wizard) with verification rules

The Online channel services enable companies to effectively engage with customers, while easily guiding them in conveying their needs. Case workers in the back office can see in real-time what customers are actually doing and can effectively collaborate and follow the customer case, track the content and interact with the customer directly from the backend via this Case Management system.

Online Business Workflow

Increased customer interactions ‘Chat’ with Notifications to CRM and Lead management

Customers can open direct communication to your workforce and receive the support instantly via live chat. All self-service customer actions are automatically recorded and can issue instant notifications for your sales force to take action and create new business opportunities.

Online chat user and clerk UI

Access to claims management process, upload evidence

In claims situations, customers and agents have direct access to quotation tools, policy conditions, claims management process and can upload relevant evidence to speed up the claims process in the corporate back office.

Online claims user and clerk UI

Enhanced customer experience engaging through Omni-Channel

The information is delivered to customers via omni-channel communication that works across departments and channels directly to your Website, to mobile device, per email or any other digital communication channel and/or print. In addition, all communication and data becomes automatically part of the customer case - on the spot visible and accessible to your workforce and stored for future use, auditing and/or reporting

E-policy/e-loan/e-offer with digital signature in real time and fully integrated with the traditional channel.

Online Customer On-boarding with digital signature

By embracing the Online channel and omni-channel communication, companies are empowered to effectively engage with customers and provide high quality of service through the consistent targeted communication in real-time with enhanced customer experience based on a 360-degree view of the customer and consistent messaging across WebPortal, e-mail, mobile, social, chat, phone, fax and print - inbound and outbound.

Effectively converting prospects into customers

Papyrus Online Channel key points

  • Win, serve and retain customers
  • Accessible everywhere on PC, tablet or mobile
  • Effectively acquire new customers
  • Convert prospects into customers
  • Increased customer interactions / Chat
  • Easy and fast access to product information
  • Personalized quotation in just a few clicks
  • Online tailor-made proposals
  • Online purchase or in the branch
  • Time-efficient, effective sales
  • Low operating cost
  • Fully integrated with the traditional channel
  • Access to quotation tools, policy conditions, claims management process, upload evidence

Generate New Business Effectively

  • Digital solutions defined and maintained by business teams
  • Information request (documents, video, voice) fast access
  • Premium calculation
  • Live-Chat for increased customer interactions
  • Enrollment – interactive questionnaire (Wizard) with verification rules
  • Personalized quotation in just a few clicks
  • Enrollment Data and Payment Details
  • E-policy/e-loan/e-offer with digital signature
  • Upload claims request and related evidence
  • Self Service Portal
  • Enhanced customer experience engaging through Omni-Channel
  • Fully integrated with the traditional channel
  • Integrated Case Management/Collaboration in back office
  • Notifications to CRM/Lead management