Papyrus Open House Global 2021

Removing Roadblocks to Digital Future


Digital transformation is about doing things differently and doing different things, so naturally, there are many questions to answer and decisions to make: How to respond to the increasing demand for online customer interactions and changing customer needs? How to replace manual steps and speed up new digital or digitally enhanced offerings? How to overcome limitations that may stop you in doing digital transformation right? Or you have decided already to migrate your assets to the cloud. 

Each decision must be examined for cost-effectiveness, its ability to meet your customers’ needs and create a long-term advantage for your business.

Join us on May 17 and 18 for our Global Open House 2021 virtual event, where you’ll get best-in-class information and insights from experts and guest speakers who mastered similar challenges and succeeded in digitizing their customer-facing and internal operations, positioning their companies for future growth.

The Open House event brings together executives, decision makers and professionals dealing with customer experience, digital transformation and customer communications who want to innovate faster, collaborate efficiently and deliver more value to their customers.

The focus of the event is on the two holy grails of business goals — improving CX and supporting digital transformation initiatives — that are the biggest drivers for organizations’ business process automation and digitization efforts today (Forrester, Nov 2020).

The agenda covers a range of digital strategies, hot topics, customer solutions and demos, showing where and how companies can introduce digital changes that will help make your digital transformation efforts more likely to succeed:

  • Customer Engagement Hub for enhanced customer experience (CX) and Omni-Channel conversation across channels, devices, enterprise and time 
  • Working easier, simpler and faster – Business Designers for creating personalized communication, designing executable processes and training the machine 
  • Thinking in Business Value Streams that shield customers from your organizational complexities and provide frictionless one-stop service and response with all interactions and activities related to the customer’s request pulled into a single place
  • Speeding up innovation with low code/no code tools that put the Business in control, empowering it to self-serve its needs and execute ideas in a fraction of the cost and time 
  • You can flexibly choose the most relevant content, and connect live via video chat to talk to Papyrus experts as well as setup a one-on-one meeting with the Papyrus Management and technology specialists to discuss how to maximize customer lifetime value, innovate faster and boost efficiency.

    Last but not least, Papyrus Academy will offer virtual workshops in a high-quality learning environment, and share with you best practices, technical know-how and practical experiences from Papyrus recent communication, automation and modernization projects.

    Register free of charge. We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!