May 17-18, 2021

Choose from three sessions in Europe, the United States and Asia. All local times apply:

Europe CET: 9–13
USA CDT: 9–13
Asia SGT: 9–13

Who Should Attend?

The Papyrus Open House Global 2021 is our annual event that targets executives, decision makers and professionals who deal with customer experience, digital transformation and customer communications. Along with powerful keynotes, this event features a wide range of innovative presentations live on a virtual stage with panel discussions and question-and-answer opportunities.

Ladies and Gentleman,

We would like to invite you to be a part of our virtual Papyrus Open House Global 2021 conference. Continuous change is shaping our world of information technology. This change comes from both the advancements in technology but equally from a shift in the business environment. Organizations are faced with an explosion in security and privacy requirements, a shift to mobile technology, the expansion of human capabilities and constant availability in time and space. Other changes in workforce deployment, location and skills, as well as economic and regulatory dynamics, have made planning for information technology a massive challenge.

As you can see, you don’t want to miss the Papyrus Open House Global 2021 conference. Our keynotes provide essential executive-level knowledge sharing. Our hands-on labs allow technical experts to review functionality in detail. The event offers a gathering of top-notch experts and visionary minds.

Annemarie Pucher

Max Pucher

Meet our keynotes

Sabrina Blaukopf
Director New Technologies
Papyrus Software

John-Erik Horn
Chief Operating Officer

Christoph Ruhsam
Papyrus Academy Manager
Papyrus Software

Max Pucher
Chief Technology Officer
Papyrus Software

Annemarie Pucher
Chief Executive Officer
Papyrus Software

Agenda Highlights


Monday, May 17

Europe CET | USA CDT | Asia SGT (Language: English and German)

Digital Strategies
Get inspired by experts and thought leadership

Omni Channel
CCM Design and Delivery
Customer Engagement Hub
Live Demos

Customer Communications
Campaigns/Contact Center
E-Invoicing & Payment
Solutions Panel

Enterprise Content
Services support Collaborative work
Success Stories

Closing event

Tuesday, May 18

Europe CET | USA CDT | Asia SGT (Language: English and German)

Director of New Technology shares emerging trends in business empowerment

Business Value Streams
Deploying business solutions
Contracts / Claims / Tickets
Solutions Panel

Inbound Mail Automation
Machine Learning
Collaborative Work
Enterprise Mobility
Case Studies

Integration & Deployment
Project Implementation
Architecture / Cloud

Closing event

Here's how our virtual conference went last year


from around the world


were represented


in Europe, Asia and the Americas

Virtual Workshops

Papyrus Academy will offer workshops to assist attendees with the deployment, configuration and operation of our core products, along with the design of custom applications. Our skilled trainers will deliver course content in a high-quality learning environment and additionally share their practical experiences from years of successful Papyrus project work.

Virtual Workshops

Live Video Chat

Connect with us live during the event via video chat and talk to experts about all Papyrus Software products, solutions and case studies. Chat rooms will be available for all attendees.

One-on-one meetings

Take advantagy of this unique opportunity to arrange one-on-one meetings with conference speakers. Let us know in the registration form below who you would like to schedule a meeting with.

Each and every presentation reinforced my beliefs in the Papyrus platform and demonstrated very clearly that the entire product suite has been built to seamlessly share objects and work together as a cohesive unit."

W. Scott Greene, Pennsylvania Office of Administration

Last year's virtual Open House made it possible for my whole team to dial in to the expert talks and presentations that were of interest to them from their homes. This was an excellent idea and one we will be definitely making use of again this year."

Peter Goldie, Paragon Customer Communications

The quality of the presentations, the content and the streaming was really good. I think this is something that ISIS Papyrus should continue even after Covid pandemic, as this will allow ISIS Papyrus to reach more people who use their products but can’t travel to Vienna."

Jacfar Jama, Canon Europe

Great, entertaining presentations and lots of inspiration to streamline processes."

Patrick Hinck, IT-Architect, BARMER

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Digital Business Transformation
Omni-Channel Communication
Building Business Solutions (low code/no code)
Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
Claims Processing
Ticketing / Incident Management
Inbound Mail Data Capture
Business Solutions for Mobile
Machine Learning empowered by AI
Reporting and Monitoring Across Channels
Enterprise Content Services
Adaptive Case Management
Business Document Design and Delivery
Moving your Business Correspondence to the Web
Output Management with Feedback Loop
Campaign Management / Targeted Messaging

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