How does Papyrus technology help clients transform with AI and Machine Learning (ML)?

How does Papyrus technology help clients transform with AI and Machine Learning (ML)?

In a surprisingly short time, AI has evolved from a distant science fiction idea into a tangible reality. Companies across the globe use artificial intelligence as a transformative tool, navigating the realm of AI implementation across various areas of their business operations to enhance efficiency and foster innovation.

But, it’s not just about cutting costs and making tasks faster or easier. The applications range from automated decision-making, customer service, and conversational search to smart assistants, forecasting, AI-assisted diagnoses, and personalized treatments to predictive maintenance, and more. Companies that are invested in environmental concerns utilize for instance AI to gauge their environmental impact and drive research initiatives. 

As AI technology continues to evolve, it’s clear that its potential will only increase, becoming an essential component of any successful business operation. Embracing AI and Machine Learning is about ensuring that you are not just keeping up, but leading the change. 

At Papyrus Software, we are integrating various forms of artificial intelligence into the very fabric of our products. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), generative AI, and Deep Learning in our tools, clients can harness the transformative power of AI in different ways and directly in their everyday business operations. 

Leveraging AI and NLP to revolutionize the BPM operations

At the forefront of the Papyrus AI Program is the innovative Converse technology that employs AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Business Ontology to rewrite the rules for how companies build their digital processes and applications. The emphasis is on goal-oriented processes, which are not bound by traditional Business Process Management (BPM) restrictions. This novel approach lets humans focus on design and specification rather than technical development, creating AI-powered conversational solutions without programming in a fraction of time.

The ground-breaking Converse technology is encouraging anyone to use its business knowledge and start to create. Artificial intelligence works through ontology and natural language processing, automatically recognizing and building “business knowledge” using terms and concepts anchored in business rules. There’s no IT jargon or confusion, just business terminology – clear and meaningful to all.

See more about how to create “living” applications: Converse technology.

Automatic Learning capabilities for the Process Discovery:

Papyrus’ patented User-Trained Agent (UTA) machine learning technology performs pattern recognition on data objects and their relationships across different business cases, analyzing actions and which elements were relevant to the success of a given business case.

Can you imagine machine learning technology that diligently sifts through data using intelligent algorithms to spot patterns? That’s the Papyrus User-Trained Agent (UTA).

Intelligent Processing of Content:

When used in the context of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), machine learning helps the capture engine quickly comprehend the context and accurately extract information for both structured and unstructured content. AI in the Business Designer helps replace complex setups and IT-heavy training so business users can train the system by simply doing the work (user-trained technologies).

All the user needs to do is select a document (could be a scanned document, a form, a table, handwritten notes, or an email), drag and drop the required fields, and click on “Train”. Keyword classification is defined automatically, while the smart algorithm simultaneously learns extraction patterns from similar documents regardless of their format (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured). The acquired knowledge is automatically funneled into processes, delivering significant business value to end users in their daily work.

Integrated generative AI

The next giant leap in machine learning is Generative AI, which is set to reshape and reimagine creativity and productivity. Numerous organizations have chosen to use open-source GenAI algorithms and pre-trained learning data to create super-efficient solutions that address their unique challenges. At Papyrus Software, we don’t limit ourselves to one model, but offer integration with a variety of models, speeding up content creation, accelerating access to insights, and enhancing buyer experiences.

Whether you want to use GenAI together with Machine Learning in Papyrus Converse to monitor operations, examine documents, and assist workers during process execution, or in Customer Communications to understand customer emotions and automatically generate the appropriate responses, or something else – the possibilities for application of GenAI are endless.

The enormous potential of AI is far from being fully exploited. So dare to think differently, dare to disrupt, and dare to innovate. We are eager to see where this wild ride takes us next.