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From your idea to your prospects - One Process!

Papyrus Omni-Channel Campaign Solution: Managed by the business with minimum IT intervention

  • Planning a Campaign
  • Design and edit campaign content across multiple channels
  • Evaluate communication effectiveness via testing or history
  • Omni-Channel delivery – SMS, Email, Facebook, Chat, MobileApp, Website, Paper
  • Multi-Step Campaigns in a single workflow
  • Analyze and report on campaign and channel effectiveness

Get Your Message To The Right People

Contact Management: Simplified Integration, Interoperability & Connectivity

Exchange leads and data between external applications and systems. Segmentation of recipients by Business language search capabilities. Papyrus integrates natively and loosely coupled to your CRM DB and any 3rd party solution, providing SOA Adapters and DB Typemanager. Integration is simplified and flexible without platform dependence and coding, allowing for notification alerts and preference management, payment processing or interval data presentment.

  • Portal - Web Services, SOAP, HTTPs, Social, Mobile-REST
  • Email/messaging – SMTP, POP3, SMS
  • Mainframe - JES 2/3 & CICS & MQ Series
  • Databases - Oracle, SAP, DB2, MS-SQL, ODBC
  • Java, .Net, MQ-Series, FILE, XML, FAX, VOIP, SNMP, LDAP, CMIS

Content Management: Campaign Design for Omni-Channel delivery

Business creates and edits content and messages across multiple channels (SMS, email, Facebook, WeChat, MobileApp, Website). Irrespective of the communication scenario, documents and messages are always generated to be highly personalized with color, charts, interactive forms and hyperlinks. They can include customized targeted messages based on the document context, available space, priority and/or current campaigns with support for various message types, such as static, dynamic, attachments/ inserts, flash videos/audio that can address any type of content to be delivered via any print and e-channel. Priorities are assigned based on demographics or message focus.

The Papyrus Business Designer/CF leveraging the Correspondence Framework Solution is used to generate campaign templates, promo building blocks and assemble complete mailings. The Designer provides versioning, change and release management, allowing business teams to sign off and deploy document changes at any point in time into production without having to wait for a next general release. Papyrus makes it visible to the user in which document an element is used, which versions and variants (languages) exist and how a change of the element affects the document.

Campaign Planning & Process: Multi-Step Campaigns

Driven by rule definitions and data variables. Papyrus can perform multi-communication streams in a single workflow. First step can be the advertising in the Customer Portal, if ineffective an email is sent, if ineffective an SMS is auto-sent, if ineffective a message is included in Direct Mail (print). Rules are defined in natural language with the Papyrus Rule Editor. Campaign process modeling is drafted by the business in the Papyrus Process Designer.

Testing: Content and Channel Effectiveness

The built-in interactivity allows the recipient to interact with the document and respond in real time when clicking on a link, to start a Chat or to send an SMS or e-mail. Once the customer has shown interest, communication is auto-triggered to the agent. Every message can be tailored to particular needs and results monitored. The Campaign can be previewed in terms of leads and campaign quality on web or email channel. Data simulation capabilities allow the business to test the campaign.

Delivery: Digital & physical channels with closed-loop delivery & tracking

Dynamic document generation in AFP/PDF/HTML can be scheduled and triggered by any event criteria, a rule, process and business application, as well as requested through a GUI, Web form submission, or a direct service request through a Webbrowser or Mobile. Every document has a global unique identifier which is used in our automated document factory (ADF) to track if the document has passed the inserter or if the email has been delivered and opened, unopened, bounced and if a link was clicked. Leads can be assigned to a relationship manager based on in-built campaign rules.

Return email process with ‘unsubscribes’, ‘out-of-office’ returns and ‘undelivered/bounced’ mails delivered through the Papyrus Print & e-Delivery Framework Solution. The return handling is fully configurable and supported via full information on a sent email with a WYSIWIG preview, automated bounce handling as well as a manual workplace to handle any exceptions.

Single View of the Customer

With direct access to the complete incoming and outgoing content, seamless back-end system integration, flexible document creation and content delivery capabilities, as well as full support for handling various types of documents and information, Papyrus Users have at all times a full 360-degree view of the customer case and can act effectively and immediately as required.