Inbound Mail Capture

Concept Outline

With the variety of documents daily entering a company and the need to quickly process and forward them to the right place, the development and operation of a capture system must be independent of document types, input hardware and operating system. Based on a carefully architectured ‘MIDDLEWARE’ concept, ISIS Papyrus has developed the most powerful document application development tools. Large banks, insurances companies, government organizations, industry and service corporations such as direct marketing companies, all require the speed of development, the elimination of programming effort and the operating system and scanner independence, that is inherent in the Papyrus inbound Concept.


Document Capture System

The Capture Applications

The ISIS Papyrus Document Capture System manages the complete lifecycle from the development of each inbound application to scan and collect, to classify and extract, to completion and transfer to any business application. This includes the document layout and content recognition, document logic, validation interfaces and manual interaction mask design.

As all recognition engines are available during design time, it is guaranteed that the capture quality and results can be verified immediately. Supporting tools for higher volume benchmarking of automation and reject rates allow the best preparation before going live.

Due to a variety of experience based on hundreds of successful projects ISIS Papyrus provides additionally pre-configured frameworks to start quickly with productive individual customizing. They include all necessary definitions for documents and datafields as well as prepared views for administration and workflow design.

These are:

Inbound Mailprocessing Framework

Offers a comfortable environment for both training and testing a Capture System for incoming mail.

Capture Framework – Formsprocessing

The standard quick-to-setup configuration for forms of all kinds and types including special processing operation.

Capture Framework – Invoice

Incoming freeform documents need more workflow steps and usually an tighter integration to validation data.

Document Workplace

Wherever incoming documents must be manually split or rearranged this Papyrus EYE based framework offers all necessary tools and functions.

Campaign Management Framework

To process in the most professional way the returns from your various marketing campaigns and to automatically generate answers on the basis of the data received from the customer is provided with this framework.

Response Management Framework

Listening to your customers responses and reacting quickly and individually, with highest quality standards and as automated as possible, is made possible within this application.

Papyrus Products

  • Papyrus Designer Package/Capture for Windows Vista and newer consisting of
    • Capture Designer/FixForm
    • Capture Designer/Classify
    • Capture Designer/FreeForm®
  • Graphical development of Document Capture Definitions.
  • Papyrus Collect Products for Windows Vista and newer
    • Papyrus Scan Adapter
    • Papyrus Fax Adapter
    • Papyrus Adapter/email
  • Integrated acquisition of paper and electronic documents.
  • Papyrus Server/FixForm for Windows Vista and newer
  • Recognition and Extraction of data out of highly structured forms.
  • Papyrus Server/Classify for Windows Vista and newer
  • Categorizing of heterogeneous documents for automatic forwarding.
  • Papyrus Server/FreeForm® for Windows Vista and newer
  • Processing non structured documents by extracting logical data even from unknown positions.
  • Papyrus Client/Capture for for Browser and Desktop (Papyrus EYE) MS IE, Mozilla
  • The universal User Interface for all user interactions with the document capture system.
  • Papyrus WebRepository provides basic architecture and totally object oriented infrastructure, including versioning, user control, workflow and integration
  • Papyrus WebArchive on z/OS, Windows Vista and newer, AIX, HP/Itanium and Sun Solaris for Internet document distribution and storage in TIFF, AFP, PDF and GIF with XML interface to archiving systems.