Papyrus Server

Product Description

Papyrus Server is binary compatible to the IBM PSF for z/OS Print Service Facility print functions. It is not only a datastream converter, but manages the complete print job including all the resources such as fonts, forms, imbedded images and logos. Papyrus Server provides resource management, distributed printing to IPDS, IJPDS, PCL and Xerox Metacode, Postscript, FAX, e-mail, PDF and TIFF services and archive interfaces for optical and microfiche storage.

The Papyrus Server supports the full range of standard AFP formatting functions from text to image, including PAGEDEF and FORMDEF. It also supports the functions of the Papyrus DocEXEC statement formatter as an optional integrated functionality. Papyrus Server can be configured using the Papyrus WebControl functions of the Papyrus WebRepository for integrated graphical print and job management.

Papyrus Server can connect to the host via SNA LU6.2 communication on Windows and AIX, receive output and AFP resources from JES2/3, or send LAN output to the host. Optionally, it routes output files in ASCII or Xerox Metacode to the printer port. On other system platforms, jobs can be received via file-transfer protocols or via TCP/IP.


AFP Print Support

  • The Papyrus Server offers printing of all AFP applications in the network.
  • Printing of AFPDS (LIST3820) and PAGEDEF applications.
  • Uses AFP forms, fonts and logos in 240, 300 or 600 dpi.
  • Through Papyrus Host z/OS the Papyrus Server can receive output files and the connected resources from the JES2/3 spool and the PSF libraries.
  • IOCA formats are supported.
  • BCOCA barcode structures are emulated with AFP fonts.
  • Print output from/to page.
  • Papyrus DocEXEC can run integrated into the Papyrus Server.
  • Papyrus WebRepository and Papyrus WebControl can run integrated with Papyrus Server.
  • Access version controlled AFP resources in the Papyrus WebRepository.

IPDS Driver

The Papyrus Server/IPDS support enables the use of IPDS compatible printers at any speed. With this server, an unlimited number of printers can be serviced.
The printers can be driven by S/370 channel connection, using a BARR PCI Channel card at up to 4.5 MB data transfer rate. TCP/IP network addressing for the IPDS printer is also available.

PCL Driver

The Papyrus Server/PCL configuration provides support for Hewlett Packard PCL compatible printers driven at any speed.
With this server, an unlimited number of printers can be serviced. The only limitation is the available number of printers via the operating system platform. Direct TCP/IP printer addressing is available.

Postscript Driver

The Papyrus Server/Postscript generates a Postscript file to be printed on various Postscript Printers.

Xerox Metacode Driver

The Papyrus Server/Metacode provides completely seamless conversion of AFP jobs to Xerox Color Metacode printers, such as the 4850 and 4890. No resources need to be generated as Papyrus Server converts and loads all fonts and forms on-the-fly.

The printer is connected to a S/370 channel card or via TCP/IP and no further features are required. Xerox output can be routed transparently to the printer. Throughput depends on print job complexity and exact printer model used.

This support can also be used to generate a Metacode print file which can be sent to another print spooler or to a tape for subsequent printing. Full resource management support.

IJPDS Driver

Papyrus Server/IJPDS supports Kodak Versamark highlight and full color printers (IJPDS).

PDF Driver

Papyrus Server/PDF available in native PDF format for document viewing in the Internet.

Support of PDF/A according to ISO 19005-1 level A (PDF/A-1a) and B (PDF/A-1b) based on PDF 1.4 defined by the PDF/A and digital signature.

TIFF Driver

The Papyrus Server/TIFF generates, from all AFP applications, a TIFF G3 or G4 file, per page, with index name or with a separate index file.

Fax Driver

The Papyrus Server/Fax can generate an image FAX file in TIFF format from the AFPDS document. The FAX details are extracted from the AFP document and sent to the standard Fax modem.


The Papyrus Server/E-mail allows sending of different document formats via SMTP protocol to any mail server as an attachment.

WebControl Interface

The Papyrus WebControl is an optional graphical user interface which provides print, job, spool and queue management through any browser or Papyrus Desktop. This includes user authorization, depending on role and privilege, for server access.


The Papyrus Server on Intel should always run on a fast processor to reduce the danger of server congestion.

For typical use as a LAN server printer, any Pentium IV or higher with 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended) will provide PCL conversion speeds of up to 800 pages per minute.

Metacode conversion is more CPU intensive, but the bottleneck is the printer interface rather than the server.

IPDS will always be the fastest print driver on the same server hardware.