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Product Description

Papyrus DocEXEC is the document formatting component of the Papyrus Document System for z/OS native, z/OS Unix, z/Linux, AIX, HP-UX Itanium, Solaris, Linux and Windows.

  • High volume production of conditionally customized and formatted statements and documents
  • Design dynamic documents with graphical elements such as shadings, tables, diagrams and angled text.
  • Format text and data based on conditions
  • Import and enhance existing IBM standard PAGEDEFs
  • Create AFP and PDF output with indexing and full color support
  • Automatic page and text formatting with full pagination control and page numbering options
  • Powerful 2D and 3D chart creation
  • Documented source code enables subroutines, macros and modularization
  • Throughput up to several million pages/hour, depending on hardware and number of objects/page
  • Print and E-Delivery for multi-channel output (e.g. IPDS, Postscript, PCL, fax and e-mail)
  • Support for any type of data record, format and sequence: ASCII, EBCDIC, XML, HTML, COBOL, SAP formats



  • Development is totally independent of printers and platforms in use
  • Dynamic, high-speed text and data formatting across all platforms
  • A central resource library for AFP and document definitions
  • Generate up to several million A4 pages/hour
  • Single step execution from data to document
  • Pre-compiler technology for high-performance formatting
  • Print and E-Delivery for multi-channel output (e.g. IPDS, Postscript, PCL, fax and e-mail) using Papyrus Server
  • Guaranteed compatibility between product versions
  • Upward compatible PPFA syntax
  • Absolute code page control from design to print, fully independent of operating system and printer
  • Multiple languages per page
  • Share document elements such as fonts, text blocks, logos, and forms between host, Unix and Windows environments
  • Direct PDF output

Data-Interface Functions

  • No special input data format required.
  • Advanced XML support
  • Variable extraction from input in fixed or delimited format
  • Any type of record in any sequence
  • Flexible data handling with ANSI channel functions and repeated input records and lines
  • Powerful string manipulation
  • Document logic can be dynamically controlled based on actual input data
  • Variable arrays for large data volumes.
  • Variable array sorting
  • SQL interface for relational database read and write
  • Support for COBOL format conversion (picture/binary/packed)
  • PQL (Papyrus Query Language) interface to Papyrus WebRepository

Logic Functions

  • Comprehensive scripting language
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Call DOCFORMAT subroutines depending on variable content
  • Call externally stored macros
  • Variable array sorting functions
  • If-then-else and for-loop logic
  • Select/Case statements
  • String manipulation functions
  • System date & time functions

Layout Functions

  • Combined page layout and text style formatting
  • Total control of vertical and horizontal element positioning
  • Absolute control over sheet, front and back of page, logical pages and orientation
  • Automatic pagination and margins, with break and keep controls
  • Dynamically embedded forms, graphics, and images
  • Comprehensive formatting options for number, date, time and currency values
  • Dynamic generation of full-color 2D and 3D diagrams
  • Draw rules, boxes and shapes with many line styles and shadings
  • Tables with optional repetition of headers and footers after page breaks
  • Spot and full color support for texts, boxes, shadings, diagrams, logos, etc.
  • Scalable images and logos
  • Print variable text at any angle
  • Text can be inverted, rasterized or printed with a shaded background
  • Format your documents to 240, 300 or 600 dpi
  • Re-ordering of pages after formatting, creation of tables of contents and output to multiple/different files
  • Print all OMR and bar codes, 2D Datamatrix, PDF417, QR
  • AFP pages can be sorted and merged in page buffer
  • Import and scale TIFF, HPGL2
  • Import true color TIFF

Resource Functions

  • Utilize standard AFP resources in 240, 300 and 600 dpi
  • Resource information is read directly from AFP
  • Resources can be retrieved based on variable values, allowing for resource selection by language, gender, etc.
  • Windows or Adobe font styles can be used on all platforms and printers
  • The use of raster fonts makes high-performance printing possible
  • AFP outline fonts are fully supported.
  • Scalable images and graphics
  • Direct access to versioned resources in the WebRepository

Print Control Functions

  • Papyrus DocEXEC enables the developer to switch input paper bins at any point in time during document printing
  • When outputting to different print files, each can use its own forms and OMR technology for postprocessing
  • Support for application controlled duplex and N-up printing
  • Print-time operator controlled N-up printing with FORMDEF
  • IBM ACIF-compliant output enables easy archiving, bundling and reprinting of documents based on index values
  • IBM ACIF compatible resource groups in document file


  • z/OS 2.1/2.2/2.3 or z/Linux or
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10/Server 2008/Server 2012/Server 2016 or
  • AIX 6.1/7.1 or
  • HP-UX Itanium 11.31
  • Solaris V10/V11
  • Linux (SLES 11/12, RHEL 5/6/7)
  • AFP compatible print services such as Papyrus Server or IBM PSF
  • Access to AFP resources

Order Information

Papyrus DocEXEC 7

For z/OS native, z/OS Unix, z/Linux, HP-UX Itanium, AIX, Solaris, Linux or Windows
Standard version: Single processor server or up to 20 mill pages/year
Extended version: Unlimited processor server and unlimited number of pages


ISIS Papyrus offers customized in-house workshops as well as standard courses for user training.


The General Terms and Conditions for Papyrus Software Products apply. The free service period is 6 months from installation. After this period an optional maintenance contract is offered.