Papyrus Client Capture

Product Description

Papyrus Client/Capture is the Papyrus EYE based end-user interface for all kinds of user interactions within a document capture system. It enables the completion and correction of classification and extraction results with all display and validation support necessary:

  • Uniform handling of scans, faxes and e-mails
  • Context aware edit fields for data entry
  • Interactive verification of recognized data
  • Image display of snippets or whole pages
  • Free message text and user hints
  • Masks for accessing all administrator and even designer functions.

Customized Document Workplace can handle expanded requirements for manual input processing such as rearranging the sequence of sheets or exchanging pages within documents.



  • Three ways to access the documents: Portal–Browser, Terminal Server, Desktop
  • Ergonomic screen designs
  • One user interface for all type of documents
  • Customizable to your individual needs without programming

Basic Functions

  • Display and view all types of processed inbound documents
  • Image view with zooming and scrolling
  • Handling of TIFF, multipage TIFF, JPG and PDF
  • Selected view of image areas of special interest
  • Color highlighting (variable) of important regions
  • Highlighting of rejected or suspicious characters
  • Freely definable mask for data display
  • Checkboxes and dropdown lists for the data fields
  • Tree lists of documents to allow quick overview
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Freely customizable arrangement of document list, data and images
  • PDF and AFP plug-in to view all kinds of documents
  • Auto-formatting of text and image according to available space
  • On-line validation with selection list for values allowed

Capture Framework uses Client/Capture

For rapid start-up ISIS Papyrus designed all necessary views for the complete set of functionalities a successful Capture Project needs. This includes standard “work”-views for those who only complete or key-in data as well as for administrators:

  • Document view
  • Locations view
  • Maintenance view
  • Task view
  • Statistics view

Even the application designer can approach the whole system via the ISIS Papyrus Portal within the browser:

  • Document and data field definition view
  • Workflow view (Queues and Tasks)
  • Rules editor view

Document Workplace

Papyrus Client/Capture can be easily customized to act as an universal document workplace to manipulate image sequence and document affiliation. It allows the user to

  • Split and combine documents
  • Rotate, move and delete single pages
  • Change the sequence
  • Move images to a clipboard
  • Additionally scan/import single pages

Various views allow you to access single or multiple pages of a document or the Page-Pool.

Papyrus Desktop

The Papyrus Client/Capture can be tightly integrated into the Desktop working the same way as being used via a browser only.


Technical Prerequisites

  • Pentium IV or higher
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 2GB HD