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Ladies and Gentlemen,

You're invited! The value of attending Open House Global is the opportunity to network with a diversity of Papyrus customers to gain insight and industry knowledge necessary to meet future business challenges. Additionally, the ability to participate in the Management Circle Seminar and exchange thoughts and ideas regarding AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Content Management and Document Consolidation with insights in how to effectively master your migration to a modern Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform by leveraging current investments is fundamental to significantly reduce cost.

We are at a crossroads of technology in the evolution of business process management and how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) are revolutionizing work. We are going to look at functions like the search for similarity in text elements and the tremendous efficiency intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions deliver across your customer journeys by combining highly automated metadata capture with document understanding.

This event allows for open, candid discussions on innovations with visionary minds and top-notch technical consultants on product direction and features. Additional product knowledge comes from sessions with hands-on demo/labs showing the latest capabilities and also new product features. This further assures your organization is well positioned to receive the greatest value from the installed Papyrus products.

The hidden value of this event is the opportunity to become well rounded in building your own business value streams and document-management principals so solutions to future requirements are achieved before they become issues.

We look very much forward to welcome you at the Papyrus Open House Global 2024 conference!

Annemarie Pucher
Chief Executive Officer
Papyrus Software

Participate in exciting discussions about revolutionary new technologies, explore real-world case studies, uncover roadblocks and experience ‘living’ business applications

Event starts Sunday, April 28, with a Welcome Gala Reception at 6pm.
Event will end Tuesday, April 30 at 5pm. Business casual attire.

April 28-30, 2024

Papyrus Software
Global Headquarters - Austria
Center of Excellence
Conference languages: English | German
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Agenda Highlights


Explore the ways AI and NLP for Business Ontology are transforming the BPM and the programming industry, helping business teams build their own Business Value Stream applications in the Conversational UI.


Turning conversations into business transactions. The road to digital transformation leads through the modernization of forms and their workflows.


Learn how easily this challenge can be mastered with special migration tools integrated with the Papyrus Test Center and Business Designer for quick adoptions.


The importance of enterprise content services for HR, CRM and ERP.


The unique multi-platform and highly scalable Papyrus Node architecture enables seamless re-hosting (lift & shift) in a risk-free and pain-free operation for customers.


Shift towards a self-service strategy for customers and employees keeping communication lines open.


Encourage non-IT-trained employees to build Business Value Streams for themselves or others using IT-supported low-code/no-code platforms.


Simplified integration, interoperability and connectivity

Who should attend?

The Papyrus Open House Global 2024 is our annual event that targets executives, enterprise architects, decision makers and professionals who deal with customer experience, digital transformation, document management and customer communications. Along with powerful keynotes, this event features a wide range of innovative presentations, hosts a demo center, tutor-led workshop classes and a management circle seminar with round table discussions and question-and-answer opportunities.

Meet our keynotes

Annemarie Pucher
Chief Executive Officer
Papyrus Software

Dave Johnson
IT Director
Utmost Life and Pension

Sabrina Blaukopf
Director New Technologies
Papyrus Software

Jonathan Cheung
Principal Advisor BDO Singapore
Chief Executive Officer ESG Institute

Christoph Ruhsam
Papyrus Academy Manager
Papyrus Software

Roberto Anzola
Vice President of Papyrus Solutions

Rob Browne
Senior Manager - Project Quality Assurance

Ekaterina Andrianova
Manager Capture Solutions

Michael Firnthrat
Head of Development

Raphael Marek
Manager CCM Solutions

Freddie van Rijswijk
Senior Manager Business Applications

Multi-track schedule of the Open House and User Conference

Two Days of Presentations
Actionable insights for the transition to digitalization

Management Circle Seminar
Inspiring interdisciplinary topics

Instructor-led Workshops
Hands-on experience

Real-World Case Studies
Meet our customers

Exclusive Peer Networking
Meet top-notch experts and visionary minds

Solutions Center
Live demos with best practices

Open House 2023 flashback

AI and NLP transform BPM

Agenda at a Glance

Monday, April 29

Europe CET | 9 - 13 Presentations and Case Studies in English

Opening Keynote
AI-powered Operational Journeys

Get inspired by experts and thought leadership


Digitize and Scale to Drive Change

  • Next Generation of Self-Service
  • Digital Transformation of Forms
  • Document Migration to a Modern Communication Platform

Solutions Panel

Enterprise Business Communications

Personalized Business Correspondence
Real-time Web and Mobile
HTML | Email

Live Demos

Application Integration          

SOA Service Layer
Salesforce | SAP
MS Teams | MS Dynamics
MS Power BI

Case Studies


Management Circle Seminar
Demo Center
Hands-on Workshops
User Group Meeting
One-on-One Meetings

Tuesday, April 30

Europe CET | 9 - 13 Presentations and Case Studies

Opening Keynote
Build a 'Living' Application

Supported by Process Discovery
Low Code | No Code


Intelligent Document Processing

  • Metadata Capture
  • Content Services
  • Records Management
  • Digital Workplace

Solutions Panel

Business Value Streams       

From Request to Completion
Agreements & Contracts
Digital Signing
Project Information Mgmt

Success Stories


Cloud native & hybrid Cloud
Re-platforming | Scaling
Project Quality Assurance
Managed Services



Management Circle Seminar
Demo Center
Hands-on Workshops
One-on-One Meetings

Hands-on workshops

User-Trained Document Capture

Building Business Value Streams

Business Document Design

Content Governance with Papyrus WebArchive

Management Circle Seminar

Monday and Tuesday, April 29-30
Europe CET | 2 - 5PM Language: English and German

The Management Circle Seminar offers inspiring interdisciplinary topics moderated by industry leaders and engages participants in interesting discussions in a relaxing atmosphere. This seminar is dedicated to enterprise management and directors who like to exchange experience and ideas with their peers on strategic IT subjects. The ISIS Papyrus Executives will present four short presentations including different perspectives of important current and future IT topics. This will lead into a moderated, interactive communication exchange and open discussion. All sessions are moderated by industry experts. Reserve your spot now. Please register. Seats are limited.

Inspiring interdisciplinary topics moderated by industry leaders

Feeling the pain of broken processes
Dependencies on external resources
How to adopt and scale AI
The digital workplace

Industry experts

Hands-on Workshops

Monday and Tuesday, April 29-30
Europe CET | 2 - 5PM Language: English and German

Papyrus Academy will offer tutor-led workshops to assist attendees with the deployment, configuration and operation of our core products and solutions, along with the design of custom applications. Our skilled trainers will deliver course content in a high-quality learning environment and additionally share their practical experiences from years of successful Papyrus project work.

Demo Center

Our experienced consultants will show compelling live demonstrations of software solutions and designer tools. Bring your use case and deep dive in a deployment discussion.

One-on-one meetings
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to arrange one-on-one meetings with conference speakers. Let us know when you register whom you would like to schedule a meeting with.

Hans Schlömer - Product Owner
Papyrus Software

Papyrus User Group Meeting

For Papyrus users who were unable to attend the 2024 User Group Meeting in February at HDI in Cologne Germany we will host a short update meeting with Mr Schlömer on April 29th 2024 at the Open House Global in Austria.
Based on our desire to continually increase value for our customers, please join us and help us to make a difference.

Venue & Accommodations

We've chosen our Center of Excellence for our 2024 Global Open House and User Conference. Enjoy the life at ISIS Papyrus and top-notch Austrian specialties for food, a welcome reception gala event in Vienna, and meeting our team and customers.

ISIS Papyrus Europe AG
Papyrus Platz 1
2345 Brunn am Gebirge | Vienna Austria

Rooms can be booked in our conference hotels when you register

Welcome Opening Event

At this year's opening event, we combine two divine experiences: an exclusive culinary experience with world-famous music.

Enjoy an evening of Viennese charm with the concert at the Theater am Spittelberg, in historic Vienna, and discover traditional flavours and aromas of delicious Austrian cuisine.

Register here

Papyrus Golf Open

Social Event
Monday, April 29, at 6pm
Papyrus Golf at Papyrus Platz 1.

Each and every presentation reinforced my beliefs in the Papyrus platform and demonstrated very clearly that the entire product suite has been built to seamlessly share objects and work together as a cohesive unit."

W. Scott Greene, Pennsylvania Office of Administration

Yet another fantastic Open House. I enjoyed the visit to Vienna, and the workshops in particular. One cannot place enough value on the opportunity to network with other users of Papyrus products. See you again next year."

John B. Martin, Nordea

I received very helpful insights into the platform, had time for personal contacts with delegates exchanging experiences and learn about interesting use cases. The presentations and workshops were very stimulating. The key note was a lot of fun, as was the co-moderation of a Management Circle session. The trip to Vienna was definitely very worthwhile."

Hans Schlömer HDI AG Germany

The Open House was top-class. Impressive in organization and informational content. The professional impression of ISIS Papyrus Europe AG was reflected in all aspects. There were very good networking opportunities to exchange ideas with other delegates, for example during the excellent meals. Wish to attend more often."

Dirk Oettermann ARD/ZDF Beitragsservice Germany