Papyrus Designer

Product Description

The Papyrus Designer Suite is a WYSIWYG desktop design toolkit to develop dynamic formatted statements and forms/data applications. A revolutionary technique is used for the graphical and visual design of dynamic statements, invoices, insurance documents, contracts, marketing letters, etc. Development time is up to ten times shorter than with any other product! Papyrus Designer enables on-screen verification of the actual document in PEL accuracy for 240, 300 and 600 dpi resolutions with support for raster and outline fonts, spot and full color.

Unlike all other products, Papyrus Designer shows already in the design process the DATA interface, the LOGIC, the LAYOUT and the PRINTER RESOURCES such as fonts, forms and logos, each on its fully formatted page. The Papyrus DOCDEF language is a fully featured and published script language enabling the most complex data and document logic functions.


Toolkit Functions

  • Forms development generating OGL/370 source code
  • IBM PAGEDEF line formatting
  • Development of dynamic statements
  • Visual design of document logic
  • Font and image editing
  • Font conversion
  • Papyrus AFP PrinterDriver for Windows applications
  • Papyrus Client AFP and PDF viewing, FormsFill and document generation


  • Development and testing many times faster compared to any other product
  • Reduces development effort:
  • 100% display accuracy
  • integrated development, debugging
  • graphical development
  • visual logic design and editing
  • All applications are fully IBM AFP datastream compatible.
  • All applications can be used on any printer or system platform.


  • Load, edit and generate AFP forms in the IBM OGL/370 source
  • Directly load all AFP fonts
  • Draw lines, boxes, with rounded corners, circles and irregular shapes with various shading patterns and line styles
  • Use forms as dynamically placed elements in the flow of the statement. The forms size is used as formatting information.


  • IBM PSF compatible PAGEDEFs can be visually designed with the forms and forms elements visible.
  • Forms can be edited while the data is displayed in the background.
  • IBM PPFA/370 source code can be loaded, edited and generated.
  • Visual display and editing of the PAGEDEF logic structure


  • PAGEDEF extensions for Papyrus Client to support FormsFill
  • Papyrus Client FormsFill uses the standard AFP forms on the screen.
  • Users enter on-line data into the forms.

Statement Formatting

  • Design and edit DOCDEF source code for Papyrus DocEXEC
  • Visual editor for the data interface enables fast input definition.
  • Visual document logic editor with Drag&Drop programming
  • Real-time document formatting and pre-view with true data and all printer resources
  • Self-documenting editor with hyperlinking between graphical page display and visual logic editor
  • Testprinting to any desktop printer
  • Variable inspection window
  • Single-step debugger
  • Performance profiler
  • List, trace and log facility
  • Error message hyperlinks directly to source code producing the error.
  • Dynamic b/w, spot color and true color chart generation (pie 2D/3D, bar, radar, line, area, ...)
  • HPGL/HPGL2 graphic import
  • TIFF import
  • Database interfaces (DB/2, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, ODBC, ...)
  • Barcodes, 2D Datamatrix, PDF417
  • Tables
  • Generates AFP and PDF output
  • Takover content of HTML files into TEXT
  • Use XML files as input data
  • Support of ICC profiles (color management)

Data/Text Prompt

  • Data/text PROMPT for Papyrus DocEXEC adds user interaction to Papyrus Client.
  • Papyrus Client Text Editor provides WYSIWYG text capabilities for the user. Text elements are saved in DOCDEF source and can be used for messaging and other document applications.
  • On-line interactive document creation
  • Dynamic image creation during prompting (e.g. for signature)

Font and Image Editor

  • Edit all AFP raster fonts
  • Edit Coded Font files
  • Edit Codepage files
  • Edit Characterset properties
  • Edit character bitmaps
  • Rescale complete fontsets
  • Load, edit and convert TIFF, GIF, JPEG, IM1, IOCA or GOCA image formats
  • Batch image conversion options
  • Papyrus color to black and white conversion (AFP Tuner)

Font Converter

  • Converts any TrueType or Adobe font to AFP raster and outline fonts in 240/300 or 600 dpi
  • Adobe conversion requires Adobe Type Manager
  • Uses the Windows or Adobe font engine for best quality

AFP PrinterDriver

  • Allows the integration of documents generated from Windows Vista and newer applications into the AFP printing world
  • Indexing of document for archiving and postprocessing


  • Windows Vista and newer
  • Pentium IV or higher
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 17" Screen with 1280x1024 resolution with 256 colors minimum
  • Parallel port for testprinting
  • PCL printer with 2 MB RAM
  • The FormsFill function requires the Papyrus Client on the user PC
  • The document functions require Papyrus DocEXEC for formatting
  • For printing all applications, either Papyrus Client or Papyrus Server is required. An IBM PSF or binary compatible product can also be used for printing.