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Product Description

The Papyrus Operations Designer with its Automated Document Factory administration capabilities provides businesses with intelligent, end-to-end automation of print and mail shop production processes. Production administrators take control of production process templates for complete centralized lifecycle management - across all platforms - of all document resources from data, formatting, printing and post-processing to multichannel delivery to archiving. Multiple environments (e.g. test and production) can be configured: Papyrus Adapters receive data from external systems and handle their distribution into the workflow queues with the necessary routing rules. Report templates are defined with the integrated Papyrus Reporting Solution including the selection of metadata that shall be queried from the production systems.

Papyrus Operations Designer leverages the Automated Document Factory Framework Solution delivered as standard framework with the Papyrus WebRepository.


Administration Principles

  • Job templates are assembled from a library of task and step components to define the production workflow.
  • Papyrus Process Designer can be used to extend process definition possibilities in a visual way.
  • All document types from batch/online/on-demand production, letters from front office users and any other PDF or AFP document are collected in the central document pool.
  • Bundling, sorting, merging and channel matched re-composition of digital documents at time of delivery is supported.
  • Each document page can be augmented with additional information, such as a barcode, page numbering, a message on available white space and the creation of document copies.
  • Documents are seamlessly tracked from creation over centralized or decentralized printing to final enveloping in the letter shop.
  • Multi-channel output is achieved through the major document architectures such as AFP and PDF.
  • Documents are transformed with Papyrus Server into the target channels at distribution time for utmost channel independence.


  • Create and edit job templates
  • Define tasks and steps
  • Add, delete, modify queue, tool, adapter templates
  • Configure production and test systems
  • Add queues, tools, adapters to ADF setups
  • Add and administrate queues, tools, adapters to ADF setups
  • Configure load balancing for different ADF environments
  • Define reports

Supported Output Channels

  • Print to IPDS, PCL, Postscript, Metacode, IJPDS, TIFF.
  • Edelivery by email (HTML, Text and/or PDF attachment), Webpage, Mobile devices or SMS.
  • The unique document design approach allows companies to have a single template for all output channels. One central document building block library and reusing elements across print, PDF and HTML guarantees efficiency and corporate design.

Change Management

  • Manage the full life cycle of production processes and templates
  • Define change management process: private and group development
  • Deactivate or restore process definitions to last productive version
  • Manage document resources and their life cycle with “valid from - to”


  • Business application integration, legacy systems and data integration with the wide range of Papyrus Adapters and Typemanager interfaces
  • Comprehensive document and object support - MS Office, SMS, chat, wiki pages, HTML, XML, PDF, audio, video, CAD/CAM, photos, etc.
  • Seamless integration to Papyrus WebArchive or any other third-party vendor archive
  • Integrated security with authentication, authorization, blockchain, auditing, encryption, HTTPS
  • Digital signature PKI support

Report Definitions

  • Define meta data and queries
  • Reports available on dashboards for real-time reporting
  • Reports freely definable as AFP, PDF or responsive HTML documents

Key Benefits

  • Enterprise-level business software solution for consolidation, integration and automation of all production activities
  • Increased efficiency due to independence from IT life-cycles and development skills
  • Fast implementation of processes and change management lowers total cost of ownership
  • ROI potential within months
  • No database administrator required
  • Platform and output-channel independence
  • Multi-platform scalability


  • Windows Vista/7/8/10/Server 2008/Server 2012/Server 2016
  • Standard office PC
  • Min. display resolution of 1280x1024
  • Papyrus WebRepository