Remote work

Pandemic leads to digital transformation surge – 3 technologies that are key

Talking and working with our customers, we experience first hand how the pandemic has its effect on remote work, business continuity, employee and customer experience and, above all, cost reduction.

The pandemic forces a decline in spending for companies across the globe and changes their intelligent automation roadmap.

Artificial Intelligence is losing its momentum. Will there be a new AI winter?

Analysts, such as Forrester, recently reported more and more AI projects being pushed off the table, but with the expectation that it will bounce back. This resurgence, however, may take a year or two.

At the same time there is a swing back and renewed focus on Digitization and Intelligent Automation technologies. As a company that delivers such Intelligent Automation technologies, we see this Digital Transformation surge as companies reach out to us to help them with their Remote Business transformation. 

Companies focus on technologies that enable them to directly improve the bottom line, which brings me to the 3 key technologies: