Customer Experience – Find ways to deliver value to your customers


Meeting customer experience (CX) has a direct impact on revenues from the core product as well as on cross-selling/up-sell, referral revenues, purchase frequency and total revenues over the lifetime of a customer, making CX a top priority for executives across the organization.

Yet, delivering great service is not that easy. Customers rarely rely on a single channel and use different devices and channels, from instant messaging, web, SMS, chat, Social and email to analog channels, such as mail or telephone. Their expectations on quality of service are high, and as digital market leaders continue to raise the standards of customer engagement, customers are becoming increasingly impatient with businesses failing to keep up.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, demand patterns have suddenly shifted and digital communication has become necessity for millions of customers not allowed to leave their homes. For many companies, rapid provision of digitally-led experiences has become the key to ensuring continuity of service.

Technology is core to any improvement, but just adding channels is not enough. Organizations should avoid wasting time and effort on ill-conceived CX initiatives and keep a laser focus on fast delivery of channel-less communications and creating business value to customers. 

What is needed is technology that can go beyond disconnected channels and quickly build capabilities for a fast-changing environment, while directly connecting to enterprise processes and service teams for real-time customer service and ongoing customer interactions across channels and over time.

Those who act quickly and innovate to help customers effectively navigate the pandemic will establish a strong advantage.