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New Breed of Software: Papyrus Digital Platform

Papyrus Software enables business applications for digital transformation, operational enhancement and customer engagement in an Omni-Channel world. From insurance and banking to utilities and telecom to government and service providers, Papyrus technology has supported organizations for more than 30 years by allowing business and technical teams to more effectively integrate, interact and innovate for real-world results across departments, functions and geographies.

Built on one source code with full lifecycle integration of Content/Process and Customer Communications, the platform enables enterprise collaboration with a single, central WebRepository providing control, administration and management for distributed users, applications and devices. Standard software components and ready-to-use Solution Frameworks provide a head start in every project implementation.

Inbound Mail Automation: Papyrus Capture

  • Uniform handling of all inbound channels (scan, file, email, PDF, fax, web, MS Office, mobile)
  • Self-learning classification process - user activity trains machine
  • Intelligent extraction process - pattern recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Business rule-driven validation
  • Supports more than 100 languages
  • Integrated collaboration and adaptive case management
  • One definition for web, mobile and desktop
  • Integration with SharePoint, SAP, MS Exchange and all common databases

Output Management: Papyrus Automated Document Factory

End-to-end automation of print and e-delivery with feedback loop. Unique features:

  • Complete centralized lifecycle management works for both print and e-delivery
  • Across all platforms and channels, completely independent of hardware or OS prerequisites
  • Documents and all jobs can be managed, tracked, traced and monitored seamlessly from receiving the data, formatting, printing and post-processing to multi-channel e-delivery and archiving
  • Integrated analytics, tracking and reporting on all delivery channels – email monitoring including open rate, bounces and click-through rate
  • Central collection of all documents types for bundling, sorting, merging and channel-matched recomposition at time of delivery
  • At postprocessing time, each page can be enriched with additional information, such as a barcode, page numbering, a message on available white space or as an overprint such as the word COPY

From Physical to Digital: Papyrus Business Correspondence

Papyrus unifies document design across print/PDF and HTML. A single platform solution provides for the design of any outgoing business document type (high-volume batch, online and interactive). Papyrus Change and Release Management lets IT and business users collaborate in an easy and efficient way. IT involvement can be minimized and is mainly required for complex, more technical requests.

By empowering the Business and using the holistic ‘One Platform Approach,’ our customers have been able to set new standards in communicating with their clients and considerably enhance the Customer Experience. They achieve about 20x higher daily communication production and 50% savings in time, while increasing efficiency and agility with business users taking care of up to 95% of the overall business communication.

Customer Omni-Channel Experience: Papyrus Platform Solution

Customers use three or more channels when contacting companies. This level of engagement demands a new business model, moving beyond disconnected, multi-channel communication. Papyrus offers Omni-Channel engagement with real-time, back-office integration for enhanced customer experience and streamlined operations. The consistency of the message is ensured by end-to-end integrated, seamless communications across the customer journey.

The Papyrus solution offers an integrated incoming and outgoing communication approach and a seamless Omni-Channel customer experience across multiple touch points. Digital and traditional business are performed on one single platform. Customers can start a transaction in one channel and continue it in another, without barriers, losses in consistency or level of service. It is used by the world’s largest global corporations to introduce desired flexibility and facilitate change to digital. The service provided seamlessly spans all channels – from physical to digital – meeting real-time information needs of customers whenever, wherever and on whatever channel.

An Evolution is Here: Papyrus WebArchive

Every enterprise today depends on, uses and exchanges a significant amount of information – proposals, contracts, presentations, invoices, orders, reports, daily correspondences, emails, chat, video, voice and more – much of which exists in both paper and digital form. Optimizing the workflows around an enterprise’s content is increasingly critical to reducing costs and streamlining business processes. General data protection regulation (GDPR) and many daily business challenges exist in finding, updating, sharing and tracking important records and can create a significant risk for a company’s security.

Papyrus WebArchive Key Advantages:

  • Stores the complete lifecycle of every object in the system
  • Automatic upload and direct scan can to archive
  • Access by privilege via web browser, mobile and desktop
  • Integrated workflow, rules and case management
  • Document e-delivery/notification and web access
  • Full integration with Papyrus Inbound Mail Capture

Papyrus Software provides a powerful, scalable, short- and long-term archive solution based on a secure, robust and fully integrated document lifecycle platform. Internal access for staff and secure online web access for customers and partners via standard web browser and mobile device is provided to any content, including complete cases with inbound and outbound mail and call recordings.

A Single View of All Customer Activity: Enterprise Communication and Process Platform

The focus lies on Digital Transformation, Customer Experience (CX) and Business Empowerment with a 360° view of the customer – positioning companies to interact with their customers and partners as ‘one company - one voice’ and provide seamless customer experience across devices, channels and time.

The system bridges the gap between customer-facing and back-end activities. It powers CX and User Experience (UX) processes through closed-loop communication and Adaptive Case Management collaboration. It helps companies effectively engage with customers via a two-way, individual real-time communication – online via live chat, SMS, email, social, mobile, web or traditionally via paper – creating uninterrupted customer journeys.

A New Way of Working: Papyrus Adaptive Case Management

Adaptive Case Management puts people at the center of a process and allows them to intervene and apply their judgment and expertise to adapt to the concrete business situation and create exactly what they need, when they need it - to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The core difference between ACM and traditional BPM is WHERE and HOW users can formulate actions on data or content to reach business goals. In ACM, business users can DESIGN while they EXECUTE.

Use Cases/Value Streams: Campaign Management, Onboarding, Claims processing, Complaint Handling, Ticketing/Incident Management, Purchase to Pay, Project Management, Contract Management.

Facilitated Integration: Papyrus configurable SOA adapters

The integration of inbound and outbound communication channels, existing databases and business applications is performed without coding via a loosely coupled set of configurable SOA-based type managers and message- and file-based adapters, covering a wide range of protocols and system interfaces.

A Mind Shift is Needed: Papyrus Converse

It is essential to change the design approach and empower the business, allowing it to adapt rather than enforce.

Organizations have a huge backlog delivering digital business solutions. IT does not have the resources. Huge costs are associated with professional services. The lengthy amount of time invested in large implementations often leads to a shortage of IT staff and prevents modernization. Organizations need an innovative new approach that allows departments to model the ‘value streams’ with detailed processes and rules.

With Papyrus Converse, solutions can be generated by non-programmers in a fraction of the time and cost. This approach brings a whole new perspective on how ‘value streams’ and their integration with the existing data needs are implemented. Papyrus Converse uses a new method to define, plan and execute ‘value streams’ that are governed and described within the business architecture based on business language. Business rules are critical to guide the effort of users toward objectives and reduce risk by ensuring compliance.

Papyrus Converse leverages the award-winning Papyrus digital platform capabilities and brings your ideas into execution faster. It gives you a jump-start when building any new ‘value stream’ solution for the business.