Episode 7: Finding everything you need in Papyrus Business Designer


In this last episode before the summer break, we want to make sure that you find all your building blocks and document templates and take advantage of the extensive search capabilities that Papyrus Business Designer offers.

Designing your business correspondence with reusable building blocks like texts, images, groups or tables make it necessary that you quickly find the right building block. 

Different search types in Business Designer help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Consistent naming conventions

Having a consistent and meaningful naming convention in place for all of your building blocks and document templates is best practice and makes it easier to manage and navigate your content.

Customizable search for building blocks 

In addition to the intuitive Simple search in building block names, you can create your customized search definitions in the Advanced search.

Use natural language to enter your search requests and let Business Designer help you by displaying suggestions as you type.

  • If you have applied a category system to your building blocks, you can look for all texts assigned to a specific category, for example your car insurance texts.
  • Search deeper and find for example all texts that were created on a specific day.
  • Start a full text search in text variants to find all texts using a term.

Tip: For changing a term in all your text variants in one go, use the Find and replace feature, which is another search type available.

Where is a building block used and what’s inside?

An additional way to navigate the relations between the building blocks is to look at the information about the use and the structure of a building block.

For example, you see a group building block for the signature of your business letters.

To find out where the group is used, go to the Used in tab. To find out which building blocks are part of the group, go to the Structure tab.

If you need to change an element, just double-click it here to open the editor.


With a consistent naming convention and the powerful search techniques you retain full control over the pool of building blocks and document templates.

To find out more about search types in Business Designer, see the Papyrus user documentation or register for our Papyrus Correspondence / Business Designer workshop.