Annemarie Pucher CEO ISIS Papyrus: Salesforce Order Processing Boosted by Papyrus

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Photo: Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus Software

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Integrating Papyrus CCM capabilities with the order and sales processing in Salesforce results in significantly lower manual labor and reduced human error.

Dexcom, a US Healthcare manufacturer with an international presence in Germany, deployed the Papyrus intelligent multi-channel Inbound Mail Capture technology successfully in both locations, enhancing customer experience and saving on manual labor cost.

Papyrus effectively trains machines to recognize documents and messages, significantly reducing processing time of the incoming order and sales process.

Instead of manually uploading and matching incoming order related emails and PDF attachments to accounts in Salesforce, Papyrus classifies all documents and emails performing the account and order match automatically. If the account does not yet exist, Papyrus creates the account and uploads the relating documents into it. Based on incoming documents Papyrus automatically inserts the correct values to the account or to the order needed for the business process in Salesforce allowing the operator to focus on the core value stream instead.

Integration with Salesforce was facilitated by Papyrus configurable SOA Adapters without coding or compilation needs using a loose-coupling approach. Papyrus Adapters support Messaging, File and natively DB interfaces covering a wide range of protocols and system interfaces.

Please arrange for a webex to discuss further how Papyrus empowers Salesforce users and visit us at the Open House to hear our customers sharing their experience.

Open House World Conference: May 5-7, Vienna, Austria

Open House USA: October 13-15, Southlake, TX


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