Papyrus Version 7.6 loaded with new features for business users

Papyrus Software has recently released V7.6. It is full of new features, the most important of which are briefly presented in this article. The focus is on business user solutions to further empower clerks and administrators in gaining full control over their daily needs. 

Introducing Papyrus Business Designer for Adaptive Case Management

With V7.6 Papyrus Business Designer covers also the complete life cycle including release management of ACM template management. It enables business administrators to define all ACM components like goals, processes and tasks as reusable building blocks for easy reuse across different cases of a certain ACM application like contract management, incident management or repair services management.

Papyrus Version 7.6

Business applications are defined as value stream templates in the Papyrus Business Designer. Departments define and optimize their processes and documents and react to new product requirements in the short term, with no dependencies from enterprise-wide IT resources and related release cycles.

The new forms designer is shared with the Papyrus Business Correspondence Solution and offers an intuitive workplace for the definition of reusable forms that are part of ACM-based wizard definitions and can be executed in any business application using the Papyrus Windows EYE Widget desktop application, Papyrus Corporate Mobile App or Papyrus HTML Client.

Quality check workflow for Papyrus Automated Document Factory

Papyrus Version 7.6

Papyrus V7.6 allows you to insert a quality check step at any time within an ADF workflow before documents are being released into production. Selected jobs are sent into the quality check queue where supervisors can visually review the complete content, e.g. verify if document layouts, data and form elements are correct, and in case errors are found, exclude from further processing or sign-off for production.

New features of the Papyrus Business Document Capture Solution

With Papyrus V7.6, the new “Extended Completion” view in the Papyrus Client for Capture has been provided for business users as an alternative to the standard “Completion” view. It shows a thumbnail viewer for the document search results rather than a table, which gives immediate visual control about the content of the found items. Users can select the desired documents in order to work on the validation and correction of extracted fields.

Capture administrator users benefit from the Capture Business Administrator workplace of the Papyrus Business Designer for Capture to create extraction definitions for tables of documents. This tool eases the digitization workflow and is suited to handle complex tables directly by business departments. Papyrus Capture Designer is available on demand for the refinement of sophisticated extraction definitions.

New features for the Papyrus Correspondence Solution

Template administrators can create in V7.6 forms in a new, easier way to be used for wizards. A Wizard allows business clerks to write interactive documents in a guided way by following step by step through the predefined form pages maintained by business administrators.

Papyrus Version 7.6

The new forms designer is shared with the Papyrus Business Designer for ACM and offers more options for handling of dynamic data. For compatibility reason, the previously used forms designer can still be used with existing forms. However, it is recommended to define new wizard definitions with the new forms design to fully benefit from the advantages.

Papyrus V7.6 also comes with a set of standard Papyrus Business Correspondence dashboards and PDF-reports delivered in the Papyrus Reporting Solution. Business managers, team leaders and other authorized users can easily get an overview about correspondence building blocks in the library, their usage, release state, etc. A set of ready-to-use report library content queries is available to configure dashboards to perform different online analysis.

Are you inspired and ready to upgrade to Papyrus V7.6 to benefit from these new features? For more details on these product features see the Papyrus technical document “Papyrus Software – Getting Started and News” and the related Papyrus product documentation.