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Self-Service Portal for Customers and Business

Papyrus WebPortal provides intuitive, fast and consistent access to business communications and applications over the web with HTML user interfaces via browser or mobile phone.

WebApplications are business value streams, where your company provides value to the customer, from onboarding to request handling, closing contracts or servicing tickets. Significantly improved customer and user experience through a one-stop service and response, bringing together all interactions and activities related to the customer's enquiry in a single place.

  • Enterprise-wide standardization and communication for unique customer experience
  • Interactive, ad-hoc and real-time business correspondence and communications
  • Personalized interactive forms and instant online letters with digital signature
  • Access via WebClient HTML and Papyrus Enterprise Mobile App
  • Customer data is at the center of the highly personalized business interactivity
  • Digital Solutions defined and maintained by business teams

Business Value Streams such as onboarding, request handling, contracts, claims or tickets can be accessed automatically or ad-hoc by knowledge workers in a desktop, browser and mobile app.

Businesses looking to build high-value relationships with their clients and require speed, integration and efficiency in processing varying business cases, such as contracts and claims, as well as consistency and relevance of communications in diverse customer scenarios and changing business environments.

Business retains control of

  • Documents built from shared building blocks
  • Business applications with processes, data and forms
  • Skill based assignment of participants to organizational units, teams, roles, individuals
  • Define deadlines, set alerts, reminders and escalation procedures
  • Define dependencies between tasks via rules in natural language
  • Define manual tasks for exception handling

IT retains control of

  • Infrastructure on-premises or in the Cloud
  • Complex computational logic
  • Data interfaces with third-party systems
  • Scalability/performance
  • Interoperability
  • Master data management

A powerful and flexible HTTPS Portal interface

Setting up a Papyrus WebPortal is easy. Administrators configure user templates with the needed applications and assign access roles, cutting down on implementation time and costs. No application database administrator is required! The WebPortal can also deliver HTTPS services to integrate with third party Web Services.
User interfaces can be tailored to the persons role, enabling flexibility either through definition e.g. who can access to documents or interacting with them by filling text and data. Documents are categorized for indexed search. Papyrus’ integrated full text search engine allows users also to search for arbitrary strings in the document depot.

Breakdown of Investments

The Papyrus platform bridges the gap between customer-facing and back-end activities. It powers CX and User Experience (UX) processes through closed-loop communication and Adaptive Case Management collaboration. It helps companies effectively engage with customers via a two-way, individual real-time communication – online via live chat, SMS, email, social, mobile, web or traditionally via paper – creating uninterrupted customer journeys.

Full integration with back office

The customer information is securely transferred to backend systems as entered, and any activity on the front-end is immediately reflected on the back side to initiate actions, connect to back-end services and provide the required data on the fly. Users are fully authenticated and use application user interfaces specific for their role, allowing corporate users and consumers to view and interact with business communication of virtually any type and format with 2-factor authentication. The customer and user experience improves significantly when customer data is at the center of a highly personalized business interactivity!

The Papyrus Business Designer enables organizations to create all customer communications such as personalized interactive webforms and document templates for instant online letters with Wizard driven business processes. Business users and consumers can interact online, receiving documents and messages in real time, add annotations, view records, emails, voice messages or videos in their business context.

Business application data integration

The business application data can be directly read by Papyrus in any format, such as XML or custom structures in ASCII and EBCDIC which do not require modifications like tagging.


Papyrus offers standard data interface Adapters for files, standard protocols (REST, MQ Series, POP3, IMAP, FAX, etc.), HTTPS and database Typemanagers. The Typemanager for DB/2, Oracle, Microsoft and ODBC databases is an operating system independent interface to execute SQL statements from Papyrus. WebServices are used to integrate with third party applications.

Digital solutions defined and maintained by business teams

Business Administrators using Papyrus Business Designer can design business forms and documents with its processes, define constraints via Natural Language Rules. Further, business ontology definitions allow to describe the whole business situation in the business language and terms used by the organization which is essential for a unique enterprise wide business terminology avoiding ambiguities.

Papyrus Business Designer for business processes as value streams supports knowledge intensive business processes in combination with business communication. The built-in BPMN capability supports users for standardized workflows.

Papyrus WebPortal configurations