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Seamless Across All Channels

Built on proven technology delivering configurable Solution Frameworks for immediate, fast and easy implementation

  • Digital & Traditional Business: Supported by one platform
  • Online Channel: Web and mobile users fully integrated with back office
  • SOA: Facilitates integration with existing backend applications (mainframe)
  • Cross-Channel: Spans across inbound & outbound communication channels
  • Real-time: Interactive two-way communication
  • Converged: Interactions begin in one division and are completed in another

A solution for today’s communication environment

Seamless across digital and traditional business

One platform improves business effectiveness, increases interactions with customers, streamlines processes and optimizes operating costs, integrating traditional channels with Web and mobile channels to support digital and traditional customer engagement.

Investments in traditional Customer Communications Management (CCM) can be extended and leveraged for consistent and compelling interactions with your customers at every touchpoint. Communications can be integrated so channels become interchangeable. Interactions begin in one enterprise division or department and are completed in another. Papyrus state and event processing provides monitoring and reporting on all activity across all channels, including workload, quality and goal achievement.

A single view of all customer activity

The Papyrus platform integrates all inbound and outbound communication channels and provides one single 360-degree view of the customer journey allowing for online and off-line channels. Customers can research and purchase online or offline. Contact centers and back office knowledge workers can leverage consolidated case information in responses to build lasting, profitable relationships with customers.

Enhanced customer engagement via preferred channel across touchpoints

Whether you engage traditionally on paper or online via live chat, SMS, e-mail, social, mobile or Web, Papyrus supports two-way conversations – personalized and in real-time. On the same platform, updated information, quotation tools, enrollment conditions and the claims management process can be integrated. Powerful mobile apps and online Web channel capabilities provide secure access to contract or policy details and provide easy and quick quotations in just a few clicks. The purchase can be finalized online or in the branch office, based on customer or corporate preference.

Smart business document design

The Smart Document Design concepts of Papyrus enable a modular, cross-channel document design that prepares the document layout and its variations for different delivery channels. Sophisticated document and layout capabilities meet the requirements of digital business from traditional print to modern e-delivery in a single document definition – and individual time-consuming designs and complicated sign-off procedures per delivery channel are avoided.

Business empowerment for results

The Papyrus Platform was designed to deliver empowerment to enterprise business users and knowledge workers to create and improve customer service processes, communication and documents. This is achieved via the unique Papyrus WebRepository, which consolidates all elements of a business application under one change management concept that automatically deploys applications and changes to any number of production and portal servers – as well as business user PCs and mobile devices, where relevant.

Papyrus capabilities for business users:

  • Wizard Designer: Visually create business process-driven Wizard forms with questionnaires and validation rules
  • Process Designer: Leverage User Trained Agent (UTA) for ‘design by doing’ (process discovery and pattern recognition capabilities)
  • Rules: Define rules with natural language rule editor (NLR)
  • Document Designer: Create WYSIWYG personalized document templates with the Correspondence Framework Solution
  • Capture Designer: Leverage powerful content extraction definitions from incoming messages and documents

Facilitated and seamless integration with existing backend applications

Papyrus is installed as a layer on top of existing business applications and greatly facilitates integration with existing systems, such as front office and back office administrative applications, ERP, claims, billing, CRM and archiving.

Papyrus supports a service-oriented architecture (SOA) by providing Adapters (file- and message-based) and native DB interfaces (ODBC) preventing hardcoded application-specific interfaces and dependencies on software vendors, operating systems and compilers.

On-premise and cloud-ready

Papyrus is an advanced platform ready to be installed in the cloud. Powerful peer-to-peer node architecture is fully scalable in a distributed environment, connecting all operating systems, applications and users and improving overall workplace communication and productivity.

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Customer Journey

Rethinking Customer Journey

The Papyrus Platform provides organizations with a seamless, connected experience across devices and channels and over time based on a 360-degree view of the customer with consistent messaging across WebPortal, e-mail, mobile, social, chat, phone, fax and print - inbound and outbound.

Papyrus is a model- and process-driven, high-productivity communication platform designed for rapid development of the next generation of customer-focused business applications.

The system has been designed to enable the business to flexibly create and manage fully integrated processes and customer communications across systems, applications and departments to accommodate for rapid change and provide a high quality of service. It facilitates change, growth and innovation and is used by companies for transforming into an adaptive and responsive business.