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Accessible everywhere on PC, tablet or mobile

With the increased penetration of the internet and smartphones, corporations are looking into leveraging multiple distribution channels to reach out to prospects and customers and provide them with a consistent, positive experience. The online sales of products and related services has tremendous potential, keeping the overall costs low.

The Papyrus Platform enables a fully integrated omni-channel (inbound & outbound) customer communications management. It provides a seamless, connected experience across devices and channels and over time providing a holistic view of the customer, with consistent messaging across print, web, email, mobile, social, phone and fax, by processing incoming and outgoing communications across multiple touch-points and connecting all interactions with a customer into one conversation.

Real-time Closed-Loop Communication

Organizations can effectively engage with customers in a two-way, individual real-time communication - online via live chat, SMS, e-mail, social, mobile or Web or traditionally via paper. This way, your customers can begin an interaction on one channel and finish it on another. Organizations can provide immediate and consistent responses providing high-quality service from end to end, regardless of where these ends might be. The open architecture of the platform is fit for future allowing to add new digital channels and follow new digital business opportunities.

Business Maintained Applications

Online channel services can be fully managed by the business and be leveraged for product and service requests, to capture your leads and to collect customer feedback. Our solution integrates with your Website and works as an integrated part of the whole Papyrus omni-channel network - directly linked with the back office where operational users perform Adaptive Case Management.