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Automated Online Channel Communications

With easy and fast customer access to product information, personalized offers with just a few clicks, customized suggestions and online or on-site purchases, companies can now ensure effective, time-saving sales with low operating costs

Digital customer engagement defined and maintained by business teams. Up-to-date information from customer interaction is dynamically combined with data from CRM and your other systems, as well as server-side calculations, to create personalized, tailored content in the customer's specific context - e-policy, e-quote, e-contract, etc. - in real time

  • Information request (documents, video, voice) fast access
  • Calculations (Premium)
  • Live-Chat for increased customer interactions
  • Enrollment – interactive questionnaire (Wizard) with verification rules
  • Personalized quotation in just a few clicks
  • E-policy/e-loan/e-offer with digital signature
  • Request uploads and handling
  • Enhanced customer experience engaging through Omni-Channel
  • Fully integrated with the traditional print channel
  • Integrated Case Management/Collaboration in back office
  • Notifications to CRM/Lead management

Request driven real-time document composition

A server (Windows, UNIX) or mainframe (z/OS) receives data from the Web Application via HTTPS. It interfaces with data from the business application and collects document resources and layout definitions from the central Repository. The document is generated on the fly and sent back to the requesting user as PDF or HTML document for filling, viewing and printing.

Business maintained Web Applications

Online channel services can be fully managed by the business and be leveraged for product and service requests, to capture your leads and to collect customer feedback. The solution integrates with your Website and works as an integrated part of the whole Papyrus omni-channel network - directly linked with the back office where operational users support the complete customer journey supported by Papyrus Adaptive Case Management (ACM).

A set of dedicated and easily customizable user interfaces offers a single point of information.

  • Seamlessly integrated digital document solutions where data, documents and applications interact with the HTTPS WebPortal configuration.
  • Central access management and secure user authentication using LDAP and Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA).
  • Optimized workflows and user work efficiency:
    • Single source document administration batch/interactive/ad-hoc
    • Integrated output management across print and e-delivery
    • Integrated archiving for whole business cases
    • Centrally managed and versioned document resources
    • Prepared to work off-line due to proxy management

Time efficient and effective sales fully integrated with the traditional channel

The online channel solution is fully integrated with the print channel and accessible anywhere - on PC, Web or mobile. Central administration and management means that all functionality can be used across several channels, allowing your customers to choose their preferred channel.

Papyrus Online Channel value delivered:

  • Win, serve and retain customers
  • Accessible everywhere on PC, tablet or mobile
  • Effectively acquire new customers
  • Increased customer interactions / Chat
  • Easy and fast access to product information
  • Personalized quotation in just a few clicks
  • Online tailor-made proposals
  • Time-efficient, effective sales
  • Low operating cost
  • Fully integrated with the traditional channels