Papyrus Academy Workshops awarded by ISTC

Papyrus Academy Workshops awarded by ISTC

Papyrus Academy Workshops awarded by ISTC

Papyrus offers you a range of solution workshops with high-quality training materials – this is why we are especially thrilled that we received an award for our course guides.

Each year, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC), the largest UK body representing information development professionals, runs the UK Technical Communication Awards (UKTC) program to reward technical documentation excellence. Several contributors from different countries were recognized for the quality of their entries.

We are happy to announce the Papyrus Academy Documentation Team won a UK Technical Communication Merit Award for the Papyrus Correspondence Business Designer Workshop Course Guide

Technical Communication Merit Award

The UKTC Award recognizes the value of clear, concise and effective documentation. This is what the judging panel said about the Business Designer Course Guide:

“This is a very accomplished piece of work. Challenges here are for consistency of style and content across the set of manuals. Also a sound structure is required for ready reference. This is evident in the consistency achieved. The code examples are particularly well presented. The user can be confident of finding the relevant information readily.”

Modern didactical approach

All of our workshops are packed with knowledge and lessons that help you get familiar with Papyrus Solutions in a few days. This is also why we give each participant a comprehensive course guide containing a wealth of information and detailed instructions.

To support our trainers and customers in making the most of our workshops, we apply a modern didactical concept in our course guides:

  • Introduce the goal of each lesson.
  • Presentation of lessons in well-sized chunks:
    • First dive into the theoretical concepts with numerous illustrations.
    • Then apply these concepts in practice.
  • Easy navigation with task lists.
  • Helpful information if you want to skip a lesson.
  • Lots of instructional screenshots so you have a reference as you go along.

Papyrus Platform for document creation

Papyrus Academy Workshops awarded by ISTC

By the way, if you were wondering which authoring tool we use in the Papyrus Academy Documentation Team, just open one of our course guides or, in fact, any of our technical documents that we deliver with our products. Here you can see the following statement:

“This document was created by the ISIS Papyrus Academy using the Papyrus Communications and Business Process Platform.”

So, yes, we use our own products to prepare the user assistance and training materials for our customers.

Register for a workshop

If you want to attend one of our Papyrus Solution Workshops with expert trainers and award-winning course guides, you will find an overview of workshops offered by ISIS Papyrus in the Workshops Catalog on our website.