Discover the Papyrus Academy Training Strategy


The Papyrus education concept builds on a mature top-down training concept that was established over years of training experience and adapted to the needs of successful Papyrus implementations.

Papyrus Workshops

It starts with the Basic Workshops creating the foundations of the Papyrus document system (Papyrus Document Designer and Formatting Workshop – PDD) and the Papyrus Objects platform (Papyrus Objects System Administrator Workshop – POAdmin).

The Advanced Workshops elaborate on the details for the Papyrus Objects developer (Papyrus Objects Developer Workshop – PODev) as well as in the two Papyrus Experts Workshops on expert knowledge for Papyrus document developers (Experts ME1) and for Papyrus Objects developers (Experts ME2). The latter are recommended only when a certain experience in the related topics was acquired.

The Solution Workshops focus on specific Papyrus Object based framework solutions and depend on the basic and advanced workshops: The Papyrus Correspondence Administrator and Developer Workshops look behind the scenes and introduce the configuration possibilities of the standard Papyrus Business Correspondence Solution (CF/Admin) and how it can be extended and customized with non-standard components (CF/Dev).

The Papyrus Capture Workshops deal with all topics related to the document extraction definitions (Papyrus Capture Designer Workshop – MC2) and how a fully-fledged Papyrus Document Capture solution can be setup, configured and operated (Papyrus Capture Solution Workshop – MC1).

Last but not least the Papyrus Output Management Workshop enhances the developer’s knowledge with topics related to Papyrus Postprocessing with Document/PrintPool, Automated Document Factory and e-delivery. Only the Papyrus Correspondence / Business Designer Workshop has no specific prerequisite other than understanding a business correspondence system in order to address the needs of the business staff when designing a document building block library for document and wizard templates.