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  • Complete understanding of the Papyrus formatting capabilities
  • Using examples of real documents, quickly learn to use the layout and logic functions of Papyrus Designer to build complete statement applications


  • Application developers
  • Application analysts


  • PC experience
  • Script programming


  • 5 days


  • Mon 11-17
  • Tue – Thu 9-17
  • Fri 9-15


AFP Basics:

  • AFPDS architecture & resource types
  • Use of TrueType and Adobe fonts
  • Print resources and printer management with AFP

Papyrus Document Designer Suite:

  • The Designer Suite: Papyrus Designer, AFP Designer, Image Editor, Font Editor, FontConverter
  • AFP Designer: design a simple PPFA print application: creation of PAGEDEF and FORMDEF, overlay
  • Image Editor: Import PC graphics, creation of AFP page segments, image editing
  • Font Editor: font types (raster and outline), font resources (coded font, codepage, character set), font editing
  • FontConverter: conversion of TrueType fonts into AFP fonts

Papyrus Designer first steps:

  • Setup of the font library
  • Setup of a forms and graphics library
  • Using the data window for variable definitions
  • Editing with the logic window
  • Assigning logical pages to sheets
  • Defining subroutines and includes
  • PC test printing and generation of AFPDS and PDF files
  • Viewing of AFPDS with Papyrus Client AFP Viewer

Migration of OGL/PPFA applications:

  • Migrating PPFA source code to DOCDEF source code

Text document with variables:

  • Various data formats in ASCII, EBCDIC, etc.
  • Conditional control based on data
  • Multi-language applications
  • Embedding graphics and signatures
  • Reading and processing XML input
  • Modularization of DOCDEF source code

Developing business documents and reports:

  • Processing different input records
  • Variable arrays and repetitions
  • Tables with controlled pagination
  • Table of contents creation
  • Defining a cross reference index
  • Page rearrangements
  • Defining bar, pie, and line charts
  • N_UP and duplex capabilities
  • Defining a document AFP index

Outlook on Papyrus WebRepository and Papyrus Postprocessing/Document Pool:

  • Developing documents in a Correspondence Solution
  • Managing Resources in Papyrus WebRepository
  • Additional functionality of Papyrus Designer/DocEXEC for output management


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