Papyrus free AFP Viewer: support for the industry standard to view AFP files

Each year, thousands of users download Papyrus Software’s free AFP Viewer as the go-to application to view AFP files. We offer this application as freeware to benefit those in the IT community using AFP files – a format similar to PDF, but designed for high-speed printing. It is a true WYSIWYG document viewer showing the AFP-document at 100% accuracy with its original resources (fonts, images, overlays) and fully supports AFP’s digitally preprinted form specifications using FORMDEF and CopyGroup definitions.

Maintaining an open standard for the AFP architecture is a priority for our company as a core member of the AFP Consortium – an international group collaborating to keep the AFP architecture up to date and improve the technology. As a core member and leader in the consortium, we offer the viewer as freeware. 

Large enterprise companies in the insurance, financial and health care industries use the AFP document architecture for mission-critical documents, such as bills, statements and policies in single document or mass-volume batch processes. AFP has powerful advantages over other print architectures as it supports very high print speeds, output integrity and centralized resource management. 

Papyrus maintains the free AFP Viewer continually to align it with the latest AFP architecture evolution and releases new versions for download, with the latest updated in March 2020 to version 7.5. Here are some of the new features:

Switch between duplex and simplex view

Duplex view allow you to view front page and back page side-by-side (facing pages), while simplex view displays single pages. 

Annotation Stickers allowing text always visible 

You now have the option to always display the sticker text without having to click or hover on the sticker

Click here to learn more information or to download the AFP Viewer.