Papyrus integration with Guidewire

Integrate your Guidewire applications seamlessly with Papyrus!

Papyrus Software always delivered an open platform approach to facilitate the integration with other core business systems like Salesforce and Guidewire. The integration architecture utilized one of the many Papyrus Adapters to communicate via standardized messaging interfaces between the business systems and avoid version dependencies from other applications which are a big burden for TCO. If you use Guidewire’s InsuranceSuite as your central insurance platform, but need to combine it with a business document management system, you need to look at Papyrus. 

Guidewire users can work on their client’s insurance cases and claims applications and when it comes to response documents, seamlessly access the Papyrus system, browse through the library of business document templates, select the right one for the current case and immediately write personalized though standardized documents for individual customer correspondence.

All the data from Guidewire are passed to the Papyrus application through standardized WebService interfaces using SOAP or REST HTTPS calls, so that you do not have to retype available information. The document can be generated without further user interaction in batch, or clerks go through the user input fields and amend text building blocks they are entitled for to customize the letter content to fit the specific client’s situation best.

Of course, insurance clerks can also select a wizard document which guides step-by-step through e.g. the claims process of a more complex document creation scenario. Wizards also allow to query additional data from backend systems or Guidewire itself, which were not part of the initial document request, like entering an insurance number and retrieving the details from another database. In any case, users can also define the preferred delivery channel like email, print or Web and the resulting document will be saved in the Papyrus Content Management System Papyrus WebArchive. It can be returned to Guidewire as PDF or via a link the original document so that the Guidewire records are complete.

(Sources: Guidewire and Papyrus Software)

This way users do not only have contextual access to delivered documents, but can also search independent from Guidewire for documents, based on any metadata that are part of the document generation process. Papyrus acts as the central Content Management System for all company documents – not only those which are managed through Guidewire – and users can easily research which documents were delivered when, eventually see also updates that were added by other team members or departments, or order a document reprint.

That’s how integration works between business applications, allowing your customer engagement staff to focus on what clients really need for the sake of an improved customer experience. For details read about Customer Communications Management (CCM).