Defining your Organizational Structure

First of all, what is an Organizational Structure and why should it be in your system? 

An organizational structure defines the hierarchical relationships between organizational units such as organizations, departments and teams and can be used for capacity-based routing, loop-based routing and escalations to managers and their substitutes. Together with skills management, it allows for advanced task assignment using task buckets that only users of certain departments with certain skills can access.

The Organizational Structure is used in the activity flows between the different levels in the organization, to have more control over the processes (who should handle an activity, who should access certain content, …), making your organization more efficient, focused, transparent and secure.

This is also integrated with the Persona (your employees) and the related User Management definitions: The access control definition is the link between the Organization Structure and the User management.

The Papyrus Business Designer enables Business Users to define both, Organizational Structure and User Management in a non-technical environment.

Let’s see how a business user can create this structure easily:

Now you have defined your company with the company address (location), phone number, the departments (R&D, Customer Care and Marketing) and their teams.

Once you have created the structure, you can define new processes that effect a specific department, team or individual. These are the process Participants who are assigned to the tasks and can access the related content (documents, evidence photos, videos, personal IDs…) or add new content. 

Most companies rely on Active Directory Service for their user management and authorization (Single Sign On). The Papyrus Adapter/LDAP can read the Active Directory information and replicate the organizational structure and users and keep them synchronized.

Here you can see how create a new case a reassign activities between the different departments and members of the Organizational Structure.

Reporting needs organizational structure as well. Revenue, cost, number of documents printed or captured or any other metrics and details are aggregated on an organizational unit like company, department or team.

The Organizational Structure and Adaptive Case Management in Papyrus allows you to create each process involving the right people at the right time. 

Do you know of any other Software that can do all this in one consolidated platform?