Create business docs, design processes, automate data capture without IT


Providing non-technical users with the ability to design documents and create adaptive process solutions is a value most enterprise companies cannot afford to overlook. The added benefit of empowering your workforce no doubt leads to higher efficiency and overall better business orchestration, not to mention avoiding a heavy reliance on your IT department.

In the realm of customer communications, giving workforce users the power to create business documents and design customer correspondence without programming is essential. These business users want a simple design tool, not a complicated coding interface, to quickly create documents and manage templates.

When a company can provide this level of power to a typical business user, the gains are clear: achieve faster time-to-market, quickly handle change requests and delivery customer messages across all print and digital channels.

No matter the enterprise or the industry – insurance, banks, health care, logistics – communicating with customers, processing incoming invoices and distributing outbound correspondence are keys to a fine-tuned business orchestration.

Papyrus Software’s signature tool allowing companies to make technology work in their favor is the Papyrus Business Designer. This tool enables enterprises to empower its business users and work effectively in four key roles:

  1. Designing business documents and customer communications using building blocks and assembling templates for batch, digital and on-demand production
  2. Supporting data capture by training the machine with pattern recognition to achieve high automation of unstructured documents and emails
  3. Enable enterprise teams to define adaptive process solutions, creating value streams with automation
  4. Allow operators to design end-to-end mail production processes and automated outbound distribution

Mastering business document design

Giving business users a design tool to create documents and customer correspondence will ensure the enterprise operates quickly and effectively with all customer communications. The Papyrus Business Designer is a WYSIWYG tool to create business documents from reusable elements in drag-and-drop fashion using intuitive GUIs.

When it comes to customer communications and correspondence, it’s important for enterprise companies to avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Template overload
  • Fragmented ownership
  • Inconsistent branding
  • Slow creation time

Getting bogged down with numerous templates spread across an operation creates a problem for the business.

With Papyrus Business Designer’s simple design tool, clerks create documents and templates using centralized building blocks with version control. These building blocks ensure content remains consistent throughout the entire company.

Automate mail capture by training the machine

Papyrus Business Designer for Capture allows business users to train the machine with pattern recognition to achieve full automation of unstructured documents and emails.

Automating your inbound data collection allows your business to process invoices and requests faster, resulting in higher efficiency and smoother operating. Click here for a real case study from one of our customers who streamlined its invoice processing using Papyrus Business Designer for Capture.

Freely design business value streams

Adaptive Case Management is used to design, enhance and execute value streams that represent a variety of business applications and processes. It offers a unique and comprehensive feature set that covers everything needed in a business on a daily basis.

With Papyrus Business Designer for ACM, users design and manage all sorts of value streams using a goal-oriented approach. They enable workflow designs that can also handle unforeseen events. Compliance is guaranteed due to business rule definitions.

The integrated content management system gives access to omni-channel communication with versioning. With Papyrus Business Designer for ACM, users create value streams from reusable components stored in the built-in library. These clerks execute value streams in their daily work using the Papyrus Client and work with cases to reach defined goals. All of these tasks can be accomplished on a desktop, browser or mobile device.

Define and deploy your multi-channel delivery process

The Papyrus Operations Designer enables any user to design end-to-end mail production processes. These users take ownership of the entire lifecycle production. Powered by the Automated Document Factory, the Papyrus Operations Designer provides businesses with intelligent automation of all print and mail shop procedures.

Operator dashboards deliver a total view of the production system and real-time production reports. Users define deployment stages, trace and monitor all jobs and overcome fragmented IT environments.

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