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Enable knowledge workers to apply their expertise and create exactly what they need

Enterprise teams jump-start the creation of adaptive process solutions. With Papyrus Business Designer, they rapidly define any business value stream with automation and orchestration of all types of processes, integrated with data from core systems and omni-channel communications at a fraction of the cost and without traditional coding.

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Why a business designer tool for process and case management?

  • Enterprise teams are free to define their business value streams
  • Fast value delivery: Knowledge workers design while they execute
  • Eliminate fragmented work and disjoined customer experience
  • Natural language rule editor is integrated
  • Create adaptive collaborative processes
  • Design process integrated omni-channel communications
  • Avoid translating business needs to programmers
  • Define rule and event driven automated robotic processes
  • Ease of use, agility, speed, innovation – a new way of working!

Discover Papyrus Business Designer for ACM

Output Management

Papyrus Business Designer - Adaptive Case Management

Output Management

ACM Business Designer Tutorial

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Papyrus Business Designer in Action
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Papyrus Business Designer
Papyrus Business Designer
Papyrus Business Designer
Papyrus Business Designer