The Papyrus Certification Program


Over the last two years we observed a noticeable increase in persons seeking a certification for their Papyrus skills in order to offer professional Papyrus services on the worldwide Papyrus market. We established the Papyrus Certification Program in 2000 and continuously adapt it to the needs of the market. It’s based on the Papyrus Workshops that are the foundation for solid education during the preparation phase.

The Certification Program implies that the obligatory workshops for each certification module (for details see here) have been successfully attended and you have acquired sufficient practical experience to be ready for a full day’s examination with a real-life use case implementation that matches the chosen certification module.

Candidates can select from five complementing modules:

  • Document development (Document Designer – DD module)
  • Papyrus Objects administration and development (Papyrus Objects – PO module)
  • Papyrus Business Correspondence administration and development (Correspondence Framework – CF module)
  • Papyrus Output Management (Output management – OM module)
  • Papyrus Capture administration and development (Capture – CA module)
Papyrus Certification

The achieved rating indicates JuniorAdvanced or Experts skills and are regularly announced on the Papyrus Certification Website. Renewal of certification levels is needed every three years because of the continuous evolution of the Papyrus system.

Due to the Covid-19 situation all workshops are also offered as virtual classroom sessions that allow participants to have the entire training environment available for a full month including the training week. This way, candidates can repeat the workshop lessons on their own in a completely unsupervised way, peeking at the workshop materials only when they are stuck. My recommendation is to repeat that self-practicing until a certain lesson can be successfully completed on your own: read about the goals and requirements and then do the implementation completely yourself. There is no way to learn such things by heart as every customer situation is unique and requires the full understanding of the underlying principles and algorithms for a problem-oriented solution strategy. Check out if 2021 is the year of your certification or some of your team members.