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Blogroll: Adaptive Prozesse: Unkonventionelles zur Informatik im Klartext (German language)

ISIS Papyrus is proud FOUNDATIONAL SPONSOR of OASIS, a not-for-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society.


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AFP Consortium

ISIS Papyrus is proud to be Core Member of the AFP Consortium (AFPC).


Gartner BPM Summit



Gobal Open House and User Conference

Vienna/Austria - April 26-28, 2015


US Open House and User Conference

Dallas/Southlake, TX - May 17-19, 2015


Italy Open House and User Conference

Ivrea/Italy - May 29, 2015


UK Open House and User Conference

Kingsclere, UK - June 18, 2015


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ISIS Papyrus Global Open House 2014 Review


Papyrus Adaptive Case Management
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ISIS Papyrus Books

How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done

How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done: Real-World Adaptive Case Management


Purchase a copy

Taming the Unpredictable

Taming the Unpredictable:
Real World Adaptive Case Management: Case Studies and Practical Guidance


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Max J. Pucher

Mastering the Unpredictable


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Social BPM

Social BPM:
Work, Planning and Collaboration Under the Impact of Social Technology (2011)


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ISIS Papyrus is a featured partner of Complex Event Processing, a site which documents applications that enable enterprises to keep pace with the information flowing through their IT systems.


ISIS Papyrus UTA Presented in ACM Workshop at EDOC 2014

The Adaptive Case Management (ACM) Workshop at EDOC 2014, which took place September 1 in Ulm, Germany, provided a platform for researchers and practitioners to discuss ACM and other non-workflow approaches to BPM.


ISIS Papyrus presented its position paper, “Towards a pattern recognition approach for transferring knowledge in ACM,” and unveiled the full potential of the User-Trained Agent (UTA) in a captivating video. The UTA was widely acknowledged as an important ACM component for enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration between teams.


More information:


Official Workshop Paper:
"Towards a pattern recognition approach for transferring knowledge in ACM"




AIIM Smart Process Research Explores Enterprise Customer Experience


Report on Intelligent, Adaptive BPM Underwritten by ISIS Papyrus


A primary application of Smart Process, Intelligent Business Processes, and Adaptive BPM is case management, here used in its widest sense from payment management through contract bids, claims handling and loan origination to traditional healthcare, crime or legal cases.


Mastering the Unpredictable


AIIM’s latest 30-page Industry Watch report, underwritten in part by ISIS Papyrus, takes an in-depth look at the applicability of Smart Process Applications like case management, the experience of early users, the drivers for improved case management, and the feature sets required of a modern case management system.


Key findings of the global survey include:

  • For 51% half or more of their business processes are not straightforward or predictable
  • Increasing customer expectations for speed of response is the biggest pain point (44%)
  • 58% consider case handling vital or very important to customer experience management
  • The biggest benefits cited by users are faster and more consistent customer response
  • The biggest issue with current solutions is lack of a single view of the customer …


For more insights, request your free report download from ISIS Papyrus now!


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ISIS Papyrus receives XCelent Customer Base Award for Global Insurance Market

Out of 14 global customer communications vendors profiled by Celent in June 2014, ISIS Papyrus received the XCelent Customer Base award, based on 3 key criteria:

  • Number of live insurers using the system
  • Number of regions (NA, EMEA, APAC, LATAM) where the system is implemented
  • New client momentum 


With the growing importance of efficient and digital customer communications, insurance companies need to look for advanced document management systems.


In the report Document Automation for Insurers: 2014 ABCD Vendor View, Celent profiles 14 systems, including Papyrus Platform for Business Communication and Process, presenting information about the vendor and solution; customer base and reference customer feedback; functionality; technology; implementations; cost and some summary comments.


“Insurers try to leverage advanced features and functions from document automation and customer communication system vendors in order to promote digital interactions with customers and partners,” says Nicolas Michellod, Senior Analyst with Celent’s Insurance Group and author of the report. “Leveraging multichannel communication and interactive documents is key for insurers that want to improve the way they communicate.”


Get the report


ISIS Papyrus guiding next-generation transactional documents – AFPC Q&A with VP Roberto Anzola

As a Core Member of the AFP Consortium (AFPC), ISIS Papyrus is helping to guide the next generation of transactional documents for industries like finance, insurance and telecom.


AFP Consortium


VP of Solutions Roberto Anzola discusses his role on the AFPC Board as a technology executive supporting the evolution of standards for document quality, interoperability and performance in high-volume output and process management.


“The AFP Consortium is driving this evolution process with a solid strategy to keep and improve quality and the flexibility of AFP over time. The print industry is aware that AFP standards, being defined by the AFPC, are forward-looking changes that at the same time protect and foster quality and compatibility in both new and old documents.” ~Roberto Anzola, VP Solutions, ISIS Papyrus Software


Read more from Roberto about what’s in store from AFPC...

HOT NEWS! ISIS Papyrus Drives Adaptive Innovation in Dynamic Case Management Market

Independent research firm cites ISIS Papyrus as a Strong Performer, providing very strong DCM support across all categories


Press release


Enterprise software provider ISIS Papyrus Software announced it has been named a Strong Performer in "The Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2014", published March 28.


Highlighting two new emerging adaptive features that will help enterprises tackle increasing volumes of varied and unstructured work, Forrester Research identifies and defines the two adaptive capabilities as key differentiators in the DCM market as:

  • Design Time case management emphasizes control over highly repeatable processes
  • Runtime case management supports use cases where the ultimate paths are highly variable


ISIS Papyrus received a Strong Performer positioning in each of three Wave evaluations for Overall Capabilities, Design Time Capabilities and Runtime Capabilities, based on its scores in Current Offering and Strategy.


"ISIS Papyrus drives adaptive innovation in the DCM market….. It is a Strong Performer overall but a standout Leader in the runtime tool weighting."

-- The Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management, Q1 2014


"Creating communications with tightly integrated content and process is a key priority in the enterprise, and we continue to demonstrate strong capabilities in the each of the core components of fully functional enterprise DCM/ACM systems," said Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus.

ISIS Papyrus Software Named a Leader in DOCCM

Independent research firm cites ISIS Papyrus' broad vision for DOCCM supporting ECM, CRM, analytics, event processing, and BPM


ISIS Papyrus Software has been named a Leader in "The Forrester Wave™: Document Output For Customer Communications Management, Q1 2014".


In its second time in the DOCCM evaluation, ISIS Papyrus received its Leader positioning based on its scores in Strategy and Current Offering.

Profiling Papyrus as "an adaptive platform with exacting results," the 2014 Wave report for DOCCM cited ISIS Papyrus for its:

  • Full application lifecycle platform and framework
  • Great flexibility
  • "Framework" solutions to reduce implementation
  • Sweet spot where language complexity and where exact rendering of content is essential
  • Consolidated and common data model across CRM, ECM, DCM and CCM in a core repository




Press release

Analyst Opinion:
ISIS Papyrus Takes an Adaptive Approach to CCM

After attending the 2013 ISIS Papyrus Open House in Austria, Kaspar Roos, Director for InfoTrends’ Production Workflow & Custom Communications Solutions Services, shared his expert opinion on the Papyrus offering in his blog:


“ISIS Papyrus is a leading document capture, automation, and composition vendor….The software has evolved over the years to become a very flexible and integrated suite of IT solutions that enables companies to rapidly design and deploy enterprise-wide customer communication solutions independent of the channel.” (May 19, 2013)


The blog also highlighted key areas where Papyrus demonstrated advanced capabilities for CCM requirements during the Open House event:

  • Capture on a Mobile Device
  • Rapidly Deployable Mobile Applications
  • Interactive Documents (PDFs)
  • Video to Drive Engagement
  • Multichannel Campaigns & Data Analytics


A frequent industry author and guest speaker in addition to his research responsibilities, Mr. Roos offers real-world insights and best practices to CCM customers in the InfoTrends research titled “Overcoming Implementation Challenges of CCM” (published August 2013).

OASIS: Approval of version 1.1 of Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

The OASIS international consortium announced the approval of version 1.1 of Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS). This broadly adopted open standard frees content trapped in traditional "content silos" and facilitates "content in the cloud" and mobile computing.


Functionality added in version 1.1 includes type mutability, supports for object retention and hold, named sets of properties and a JSON-base protocol binding, and now repositories can list supported extensions or additional CMIS-based standards for CMIS clients to discover.


"As an OASIS Foundational Sponsor, ISIS Papyrus participates in shaping the CMIS standard to ensure archive and content management systems become a well-managed back-end to 'Systems of Engagement'. CMIS 1.1 is an important step forward, and widespread industry adoption continues. Enterprises requiring access to multiple content platforms should request that vendors adhere to this standard for long-term stability, as well as vendor and software version independence." -- Max J. Pucher, co-founder/CTO, ISIS Papyrus.


Press Release

ISIS Papyrus Profiled in Customer Communications Solutions Market Study

ISIS Papyrus Profiled in CCM Research:
Customer Communications Solutions Market Study, 5th Edition

"Multi-channel delivery is changing the way organizations develop and manage customer communications by offering flexible tools to create and collaborate on documents," asserts Madison Advisors' most recent in-depth study.

In "Customer Communications Solutions Market Study, 5th Edition,"Madison Advisors assesses how leading solution providers are addressing organizational demands for more flexible document delivery.

Madison Advisers

It also reveals that traditional document composition solutions have pivoted to more robust CCM solutions, including support for distributed design, production, and delivery of customer communications with an examination of multi-channel delivery methods.

Out of 9 vendors profiled, ISIS Papyrus Software is among only a couple that provide robust support for social media channels due to its status as an emerging customer communications channel.


See for yourself how ISIS Papyrus is leading the CCM market in the latest report in the "Document Composition Series" from Madison Advisors!


Study results are available here ...


ISIS Papyrus Selected 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner

ISIS Papyrus Software is proud to be selected for the Red Herring Top 100 Global, celebrating the leading private companies’ innovations and technologies across their respective industries.


Red Herring


The award was announced at theRed Herring Global Conference, November 27-29, Los Angeles, CA.


The complete list of the Top 100 Europe is available online here [...].

ISIS Papyrus a "Vendor to Watch" in Customer Communications Management Software

ISIS Papyrus was named as a Vendor to Watch in the 2012 Gartner report covering trends in CCM software, which supports the mission-critical applications that produce electronic and print communications.


The report discusses the most significant market trends, analyzes the major software providers' strategies and recommends go-to-market courses of action for the providers' marketing teams to implement.


Highlights of vertical, geographic, channel and pricing characteristics in the market provide valuable insights for enterprise organizations considering migration, integration and improvements in Customer Communications Management.


The report released October 26 is available for purchase and download from Gartner:
Market Trends: Customer Communications Management Software, Worldwide, 2012


New book: How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done - co-authored by Max J. Pucher

"How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done" describes the work of managers, decision makers, executives, doctors, lawyers, campaign managers, emergency responders, strategists, and many others who have to think for a living. These are people who figure out what needs to be done, at the same time that they do it and there is a new approach to support this presents the logical starting point for understanding how to take advantage of ACM.

Keith Swenson points out, "We are seeing a fundamental shift in our workforce, and in the ways they need to be managed. Not only are companies engaging their customers in new ways, but managers are engaging workers in similarly transformed ways."


Top Influencer


Buy the Print Edition,
get the Digital Edition Free!


Max J. Pucher named Case Management Top Influencer

Mr. Pucher was selected by an independent research firm for his positive influence on case management decision-makers and his outstanding Market Reach, Frequency of Impact, Independence of Impact, Expertise, Persuasiveness and Thoroughness of Role.

Top Influencer

We concur and congratulate!


ISIS Papyrus customer Paneon takes Gold in 2012 Global ACM awards program

ISIS Papyrus Software congratulates customer Paneon GmbH on its selection as a Gold Winner for Knowledge Worker Innovation in the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management.


ACM Awards Gold


The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) announced winners in four categories of the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management presented June 6 at ACM Live, a one-day virtual event with open Q&A, solution demos, social interaction and more (


Co-sponsored by WfMC and KMWorld, these prestigious awards recognize user organizations worldwide that have demonstrably excelled in implementing innovative ACM solutions.


Press release


ISIS Papyrus Selected for 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Europe

ISIS Papyrus Software is proud to be selected for the Red Herring Top 100 Europe, celebrating the leading private companies’ innovations and technologies across their respective industries.


Red Herring


The award was announced at the Red Herring Europe Forum in Amsterdam on April 23-25.


“Choosing the companies with the strongest potential was by no means a small feat,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring. “After rigorous contemplation and discussion, we narrowed our list from hundreds of candidates from across Europe to the Top 100 Winners. We believe ISIS Papyrus Software embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. ISIS Papyrus should be proud of its accomplishment, as the competition was the strongest it has ever been.”


The complete list of the Top 100 Europe is available online here [...].

What is ACM, Really?
ECM Connection

How is ACM truly defined? Where does it fit in the ECM equation? What makes it different? Those are just a few of the questions we aimed to explore when we sat down for this interview series with Annemarie Pucher, CEO of ISIS Papyrus.



Capture, Collect, and Collaborate
DPS Magazine

Digital mailroom strategies transform business processes


The influx of incoming mail is an ongoing challenge for organizations of all sizes. A combination of hardware and software simplify the process. Digital mailrooms collect incoming mail in the form of paper, fax, or electronic documents and transform it into information that is valuable to a company. The digital mailroom isn't just about capture, but also collecting.


DPS Magazine



"Depending on an organization's prioritization of these goals, the volume and type of incoming communications become important factors for determining the appropriate type and scope of solution for a new or improved digital mailroom," says Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus.

Read More

Insurance Technology Report:
Positive Customer Feedback for Papyrus

In a report released June 1, Document Automation: Solution Vendors for Insurers 2011, global research firm Celent profiled ISIS Papyrus among 10 leading document automation systems for the insurance sector.
The vendor profile includes tables showing systems components, technologies used, and business user interfaces, as well as average customer average ratings of vendor implementation capabilities.


A review of features, functionality and customer reference surveys resulted in a strong showing for Papyrus in the insurance sector:


"Insurance clients like the ease of use of the solution, its workflow handling, and ability to support different formats."
- excerpt from"Document Automation: Solution Vendors for Insurers 2011", Celent




ISIS Papyrus Solutions Catalogs

Customers around the world are using Papyrus software to meet business goals and improve operations...and sharing experience for success across industries.


Learn more about implementing the Papyrus platform for applications for managing customer communications, vendor contracts, policy production, document output, mainframe document migration and payment processing, to name a few.




Madison Advisors on CCM:
Papyrus among Multi-Channel Solutions 2011

The Madison Advisors' Multi-Channel Solution Market Study (February 2011) reviews how leading technology solutions providers are addressing consumer and organizational demand for the transition to multi-channel delivery. Three key areas are highlighted for vendors including ISIS Papyrus: Strategic Direction, Technical Assessment and Savings. The report is available for purchase at



press release market REPORT

Forrester on the Knowledge Worker:
January 2011 (white paper)

Forrester's evaluation of business process and case management automation revealed that the enterprise's crucial experts —knowledge workers —are not fully supported with tools for more dynamic processes and continuous change.





Recommended Video:
ISIS Papyrus ACM Vision Statement by Max J. Pucher

The Difference between


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NEW AIIM-ISIS Papyrus Whitepaper: Adaptive Case Management

Comparing Document-centric and Customer-centric Approaches


Holistic customer service has become more essential than ever for retention, acquisition and support of business relationships that stimulate competitive advantage and customer loyalty.


Mastering the Unpredictable


Shedding light on the progress enterprises have made and still need in this critical area, ISIS Papyrus and AIIM joined forces to explore how enterprise organizations are handling the intersection of data, process and content (including documents) amid the evolving challenges of case management.



AG Insurance selects Papyrus Software for Integrated
Case Management

(VIENNA and BRUSSELS) May 25, 2010 – ISIS Papyrus announced that AG Insurance, a subsidiary of ageas (formerly Fortis SA/NV) has selected the ISIS Papyrus Platform for integrated case management to enhance Insurance services (claims, underwriting and general services) and resolution in several business lines.


AG Insurance is implementing the Papyrus Business Communications and Process Platform, with rollout beginning in summer 2010, to support a company-wide project.


“The Papyrus approach to fully integrated customer communications aligns perfectly with our business and technology requirements,” said the program sponsor of AG Insurance. “We look forward to rolling out an advanced case management solution that will meet our operational goals and lead to both enhanced performance and increased customer satisfaction.” [...]


Press Release

ISIS Papyrus CEO Honored among “Women of Distinction” in Global Document Industry

Annemarie Pucher, chief executive of ISIS Papyrus, is one of 10 female professionals joining The OutputLinks 2010 Women of Distinction, a program honoring women in the global print, document and high volume transaction output industries. Honorees represent all levels of leadership and skill, from CEOs and executives to managers, consultants and production team members. Over the past nine years, 66 professionals have been honored with the designation of Women of Distinction (

Ms. Pucher’s leadership and CEO focus at global software company ISIS Papyrus has resulted in consistent profitability for privately-owned ISIS Papyrus for more than 20 years, offering clients stability for their mission-critical information technology solutions. Ms. Pucher is a worldwide speaker on technology in customer service and communication.


More ISIS Papyrus News [...]

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