Food For Thought – Why a document strategy?

Organizations have been investing in business document design solutions for decades. In fact, many organizations have invested in more than one document design and formatting system. But this is a double-edged sword. These disparate technologies may be addressing specific features, but they also hinder organizations achieving a seamless, connected customer experience and rarely meet the much needed efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.

To move forward, a strong direction is needed. Many organizations are still struggling with digital and paper channels coupled with point solutions, despite spending much money on technology because of a lack of an enterprise document strategy. Without it, those rapidly increased digital channels lead to document inconsistency and complexity in creating and distributing the business communication across your synchronous and asynchronous communication channels.

You can aim higher! An enterprise-wide CCM strategy helps you focus on your business needs, meet your time-to-market objectives and grow revenue.

  • Consolidating of business documents based on one source
  • Decoupling of documents from core applications
  • Preventing IT overload by expanding into cross-functional teams
  • Reusing content for increased productivity and consistency
  • Maintaining unified branding with a single resource library
  • Empowering business users to self-serve their own needs

Consolidation onto one CCM platform will reduce the number of templates you need to maintain to 1/4 or less. Decoupling your business document applications from the core (ERP/CRM) will result in significant cost savings and fast performance when document changes are required. The emergence of tools for non-technical teams will offload the work from IT, and bring improved quality and fast outcome, allowing work to be done where it occurs. Consistency and productivity are ensured, allowing users to share and reuse content from a central library. In an efficient, unified design process, they deliver highly personalized business documents with optimized cross-channel designs.

We are happy to support you with the modern, flexible and fit-for-future enterprise CCM platform technology. Meet our customers and find out more at the upcoming Open House 2022, June 12-14 in Vienna, Austria.

Our experts will share their extensive experience in implementing enterprise CCM solutions, and demonstrate the overall evolution of document design tools. You can experience the unique new business-enabling design capabilities on our single-source CCM/DMS platform that can be deployed on premise, hybrid or in the cloud, for use in the Web and on Mobile. The Automated Document Factory solution with the integrated Document Pool, Content services and the WebArchive are other key areas of technology presentations.

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