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The File Adapter/Receiver monitors a predefined directory for files with particular naming convention or extension to drop into it. Once this file has dropped into the directory and closes, the Receiver will match the file against the available Templates and instantiate the Task in the defined Queue within the System, where the appropriate processing will take place.


The XML Adapter is a file-based adapter and, similar to the File Receiver, monitors a directory for incoming files (usually extension .xml). Once the file is received the Adapter analyzes and matches the content against a template that is defined in the adapter and instantiates it into a queue where the task will be processed.

Supported input formats for producing documents

Supported input formats for electronic delivery of documents

After processing documents with Papyrus Products the appropriate output channel can be selected. The following table shows the supported input and output formats being used for electronic delivery of single documents and files.

Supported input formats for printing documents

The following table shows the input and output formats supported by Papyrus for single document and mass printing.

Enterprise Application Integration

Papyrus solutions interface with any business system, as well as back-office users, by leveraging Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) to flexibly integrate via loose coupling and configuration without without hard-coded interfaces.