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Monday | Tuesday, May 8-9

User-Trained Document Capture
Monday 14:00-15:30

  • Inbound mail production automation
  • Intelligent document classification
  • Forms, semi-structured and freely structured documents
  • Business data extraction and automated distribution
  • User-trained capture with the Business Designer
  • Manual corrections using the 'Lasso' functionality
  • Archiving - short-term, long-term, search


Building Business Value Streams
Monday 16:00-17:30

  • Learn the fundamentals of value stream definitions in low code/no code
  • Use omni-channel communications in process-driven business applications
  • Use the Business Designer to define a sample business application
  • Define event-driven business forms for Mobile and Web
  • Integrate with service calls
  • Participants management
  • Change and Release Management


Business Document Design
Tuesday 13:30-15:00

  • Write documents from templates in Papyrus Client
  • Supervisor sign-off and document compare
  • Design templates for documents and building blocks with Business Designer
  • Single-source design for print, PDF and HTML output
  • Create interactive forms for PDF, Web or document Wizards
  • Simulate and test business rules
  • Change and Release Management


Automated Document Factory - Print and E-Delivery
Tuesday 15:30-17:00

  • Learn how to master daily outbound production runs using the Operations workplaces
  • Bundle and sort documents in the central DocumentPool
  • Automate document delivery to digital channels with business rules
  • Enhance output with channel-specific data (e.g. barcodes) at time of delivery
  • Design job templates with the Operations Designer
  • Define feedback loops with bounce handling
  • Use production reporting dashboards


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