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Photo: Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus Software

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A scattered landscape of too many communication tools, fragmented ownership and too many document templates with high complexity are often key barriers to enable successful customer engagement. The digital transformation roadmap must span across print and digital, offering customer interactions by chat, SMS, mobile, social and links in emails. Also, support for high-volume document output, single interactive letters and real-time sending of digital messages with orchestration and feedback loop is needed.

Dow Jones tackled the above challenges with a strategic approach, implementing a digital communication platform. Smart template design uses a unified approach across print and electronic, managing common objects in templates, allowing for creative layouts by business users. Time-to-Market and Change-Requests are substantially shortened. Every communication element is versioned and goes through a change-and-release process.

Campaign Communications are an integral part of the digital communication platform. Attractive cross-channel template/message design and user-friendly management of the campaign with A/B testing, mailed at the best moment in time of the day or week, based on historical data and integrated with the existing CRM engine.

Delivery has to be an end-to-end process in a central omni-channel hub with real-time dashboards capturing all communication related events. Resend communication by the same or different channel. For example when email hard-bounces, the same message is automatically sent as a physical letter. Other options include tracking if email is opened, link is clicked, push notification received, when not opened within 24 hours send email. Reports on all activity are easily generated.

Please join us at our Open House and User Conference on October 13-15 in Southlake, Texas, and enjoy hearing about best practices by Diana Caballero, Director Program Management at Dow Jones and a wide session and workshop program addressing above topics.


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