Streamline contract creation and closing process

Would you like to take a moment to discuss a consistent yet holistic experience for all stakeholders when deploying enterprise-wide Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

To meet the challenges of CLM, regaining transparency on all business contracts and contractual relations, their status and their duties, complying with regulatory requirements, streamlining contract creation and closure, accelerating approval and signing processes are on everyone's wish list, but many organizations are still struggling to effectively manage all their contracts.

Ideally, you will want to address all of your enterprise CLM needs through a single solution – this is where we can help. In fact, business-critical documents and processes are our core competence.

Papyrus CLM helps you digitize and accelerate contract creation, supports collaboration and negotiation processes, automates workflow templates and enables your content-centric departments to quickly create contracts using a clause library of pre-approved terms and clauses.

The use of clauses significantly reduces the time and effort required to draft, negotiate and review contracts, while streamlining the approval process and ensuring contract compliance and effectiveness at all qualification levels.

By supporting intelligent contract and process design in combination with omni-channel communications and content management, the Papyrus CLM platform solution streamlines the entire contract process from the initial request to renewal or termination – end-to-end. Overall benefits include better control over what is signed, when and by whom, securing the correct contract terms are in place, reducing contracting time, inefficiencies, inaccuracies and non-compliance.

You get transparency on all your business contracts, their status and obligations. The contract creation and closing process is streamlined and consistent contract-related processes, such as closing and tracking, are assured. (Read White Paper)

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