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Streamline contract creation and closing process

The Papyrus CLM solution maps the entire contract lifecycle management process and creates contracts, minimizing legal and commercial risks and reducing necessary costs. You will regain transparency of contracts and contractual relations, simplify and speed up contract approval and signature including differentiated workflows based on contract type and value limits. Customizable workflow and contract templates can be freely predefined for approvals, redlining, signing and routing.

  • Papyrus Business Designer allows non-technical users to create contract templates and workflows
  • Content can be shared directly from the case with internal and external experts
  • Quickly create contracts using a clause library and share content with internal and external experts
  • Integrate with any CRM, ERP or legacy application without coding
  • Collaborate with chat and notification services, mobile and web
  • Papyrus Sign® solution for contract signing, blockchain secured
  • Digitization of existing paper contracts with Papyrus intelligent Capture

The benefits are standardized contracts with high transparency of terms and contractual relationships, resulting in a strong negotiating position while minimizing risks and enabling cost savings and efficiencies.

Contract requests can be triggered by any criteria, process or business applications. They can also be requested through a GUI, a web form, or a direct service request via the web, social networks, or mobile devices. Each contract request form is automatically pre-populated with details from the CRM. All data entered and every click on a URL is instantly recorded and a document is compiled on the server side and sent back to the user's web browser in PDF or HTML format.

The Papyrus Digital Business Platform helps you digitize, create and manage contracts, contract processes and data. It standardizes contracts and streamlines business and approval processes to achieve faster time-to-value, maintain transparency and make smarter business decisions.

The Papyrus CLM solution streamlines contract creation and provides support for collaboration and negotiation processes. The company's contract clauses and templates, as well as all of the company's active, terminated, and modified contracts, are centrally managed to ensure global access, consistency, and compliance. All information - contract situation, versions, communication and process history, schedules and actionable terms and clauses, and previous contractual agreements - is made available instantly where it is needed, at the stakeholders fingertips.

Automate with workflow templates

All workflows in the system can be freely defined according to specific needs. The integrated Papyrus Business Designer combines traditional BPM and ACM and allows non-technical administrative users to work independently while creating and managing contract workflows and cases with predefined standard templates for approvals, redlining, signing and routing.


Customizable templates accelerate the entire contract process, while built-in business rules ensure process consistency and compliance with rules and legal regulations.

Signing Contracts

The Papyrus Sign® solution is recognized as a trusted legal entity because it uses the signature inserted into the document by a recognized trusted legal entity and relies on it for legal authentication.

Papyrus blockchain technology is a complement or alternative to using established authorized electronic signature processes by providing blockchain-secured documents that cannot be corrupted and can be audited if needed.

Negotiation and approval workflows

Papyrus provides collaboration and automated workflows to draft, negotiate and version a contract by managing everything that belongs together - data, content, communications, processes, goals and rules - in a single contract case. Manage multiple stakeholders in contract collaboration between buyer and seller, including redlining/versioning, comparison view of iterations and full history capture.

Sharing Content

Content can be shared directly from the contract case - both internally and with external experts, clients and partners - knowing exactly what was shared with whom and when. Built-in version control keeps track of all changes to documents - who created the new version of the content, when and what changes were made - and logs all actions in the system for reporting and auditing.

Quickly generate contracts using clause library

One of the critical capabilities of the Papyrus solution is the ability to automatically generate contracts from the library of pre-approved terms and clauses. Both company-authorized contract templates and clauses are housed in the centrally managed library in the Papyrus WebRepository, which contains various clauses needed to support different products, relationships and jurisdictions and ensure that contract standards are met. Clauses and terms can be created directly by contract-centric departments or legal without relying on IT. Once approved, they are stored in the central library and used in all contract templates, speeding the creation of standardized contracts and reducing reliance on legal.

The use of clauses significantly reduces the time and effort required to draft, negotiate and review contracts, streamlining the approval process and ensuring compliance and contract effectiveness at all qualification levels.

The benefits of Papyrus CLM:

  • Regain transparency of contracts and contractual relations
  • Query contractual situation as well as individual contracts
  • Minimize legal and economic risks / contractual duties, renewals deadline management
  • Streamline contract creation including involvement of external parties (legal)
  • Simplify and speed contract approval and signature, including differentiated workflows based on contract type, value limits, etc.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Reporting of contractual landscape and individual contracts

Document template design

Contract templates are highly context specific and personalized in Papyrus Business Designer with variables and conditional clauses combined with rules that control WHEN and HOW information is presented. Papyrus Natural Language Rules Editor provides non-technical business users with multilingual, syntax-free input of business rules structured according to definable rule patterns. Papyrus automatically checks the syntax, logic and validity of a business rule and provides immediate feedback during the rule creation process. At the time of contract creation, conditional document elements are dynamically included or excluded based on the variable data and defined rules, with data coming from various sources in different data formats via a Papyrus Adapter and Type Manager.

Review and Release

Documents are reviewed, edited (redlined), automatically versioned, and distributed to responsible parties for further editing and/or approval. External and internal participants receive documents directly to their inboxes and use collaborative content services to create, retrieve, review and approve content. Integrated communication features are available for them to chat and discuss, annotate and track tasks on work currently in progress. As an omni-channel communication platform, Papyrus integrates communications across multiple channels and enables internal and external stakeholders to send messages, phone and email directly from a case.

Exception handling

Capturing standard company templates and clauses allows validations to be performed before or after contract approval, according to specified terms and legal guidelines, to ensure that each contract complies with specified terms and legal guidelines. Special handling of sensitive contexts and an override function with full approval history can be provided, flagging non-compliant clauses for special approval.

Papyrus Wizard - a tool for automated contract creation

Papyrus Wizard eliminates any inaccuracies or contract violations through automated contract creation. With the Papyrus Wizard, end users can easily answer questions, enter information, and make selections. The Wizard dynamically connects to various back-end services and provides real-time data, records all user decisions, and dynamically assembles highly personalized, context-specific contracts, taking into account all relevant regulations and avoiding potential errors or omissions. The complexity of the task is completely transparent to the user.


Store contracts

All contracts, associated content and entire cases are stored in the Papyrus WebArchive Contract Repository. The Contract Repository provides an online method to store, view and track active, modified and terminated contracts and supports automatic loading of contracts and scanning directly into the archive, eDelivery of documents and notifications and privileged access via web, mobile and desktop.

Reporting & auditing

Stakeholders can access and query contract data and generate reports at any time. They can review the status of the contract landscape and individual contracts, view staff activity, review contract content and see how long each step took and perform analysis of contract terms and actual performance.