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Deploy Enterprise Wide Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Puts Contracts for Sales, Procurement, HR, Corporate into a single system for holistic management

Use Papyrus CLM to map the entire contract process, create new ones and restore transparency to contractual relationships. Simply define workflow templates for approvals, redlining, signing and routing.

  • All Contract Types
  • Holistic Experience
  • Clause Library
  • Omni-Channel Platform
  • Business Designer
  • Adaptive Case Management

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Papyrus Contract Lifecycle Management



  • Contract generation, collaboration, negotiation and signing
  • Party management & rich negotiations
  • Comply with regulatory requirements


  • Monitor contract process with dashboards
  • Contract repository with advanced search and permission control
  • Reporting on contractual landscape


  • Report and renew contracts
  • Automate processes with configurable workflow templates
  • Simplify and speed contract approval and signing


  • Streamline contract creation, closing processes and legal compliance
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase transparency


Creating Digital Business Applications

From Request to Closure – Building Value Streams

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Papyrus Contract Lifecycle Management With Integrated Digital Signature

The CLM solution streamlines contract creation and provides support for collaboration and negotiation processes, involving internal and external parties, and balancing the needs of all stakeholders across the enterprise. Standardized contracts reach across key buying, selling and legal activities, allowing people and systems within the organization to access, analyze, and act on contract-related information, with full insight into contractual situations and relationships.
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