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The new way of working

Today's workforce uses mobile devices and expects to be connected to their critical business processes while on the go. Fast provisioning of Enterprise Mobility Solutions will soon be the most important factor for any business that wants to expand its horizons and enable new efficiencies through innovative mobile business services.

Advanced Mobile Solutions for Modern Enterprises

Enterprise mobility is extending the reach of mobile to internal and external stakeholders like employees, partners and suppliers. The opportunities to provide the value to the Business are endless. From mainframe to mobile cloud computing, the seamless integration of technology drives increased employee engagement and improves efficiency in all walks of business life.

Enabling Enterprise Mobility

The Papyrus Enterprise Mobile Platform future-proofs your application investments with a complete Enterprise Mobility solution for businesses operating on mobile platforms like Google Android and Apple iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The solution builds on standard software and provides an easy way to mobilize business processes and build robust platform- and device-independent mobile apps with little effort and no need for device-specific programming. Employees are connected to their critical business processes while on the go and can work from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications for increased flexibility, accessibility and reliability. They have the capability to do the following:

  • Create business documents interactively – fill forms and enter text, signatures and images to be added in the document.
  • Manage and operate critical workflows from the mobile device
  • Access tasks and actions from their mobile device to make important decisions while on the go
  • Full content management from your mobile. Full access to documents, emails, videos, images and running cases/processes.
  • Collaborate around key business events and initiate ad-hoc and secure conversations with others from anywhere
  • Send and receive key notifications and alerts, making sure everyone is on the same page and instantly informed of all critical business events
  • Record sound, take pictures or upload images to any task or case for better understanding and faster processing of mobile activities such as claims, assessments, incidents and underwriting

Implement Mobile Business Solutions

The Papyrus Enterprise Mobile Platform builds on the powerful Papyrus BPM & Adaptive Case Management (ACM) framework solution to provides custom business applications. Business applications are defined and released via your corporate server and seamlessly delivered to your custom mobile App for your users to enjoy.

An organization can define a range of business applications and provide them to employees to fill and access data, handle work tasks, use dynamic Wizards to create documents, receive notifications and flexibly handle work on both mobile devices and PC in a location-independent modern working environment. Business applications are defined on the server then distributed to the appropriate users via their mobile devices based on their job profiles and access rights.

  • Desktop application interface (Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Web-based interface (browser plug-in as well as HTML5)
  • Mobile interface (iPhone and Android)
  • Tablet interface (iPad and Android)
  • Microsoft SharePoint interface (WebParts)

Deploy any Business Application on Mobile

The solution uses the Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) and delivers mobile application definitions through a REST-based Portal directly to business user´s mobile devices. Deploying your Papyrus application on the mobile device is simple:

  • Define WHAT you want to show – which data/content should be exposed to the Mobile and WHICH processes you want to interact with from the mobile device
  • HOW this information should be shown (forms, tables, charts, graphics, etc.).

‘What’ and ‘How’ are defined on the back-end side, and not hard-coded in the app, which makes any change easy. The business application can communicate with your business systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), User Authorization (LDAP) and databases to retrieve the required business data and send it ‘on-the-fly’ to the mobile so you can connect to your data and processes directly from the mobile device.

The Papyrus Platform is suited for most complex application landscapes with multiple back-ends running on different operating systems and in the Cloud.

Solution capabilities

  • Full integration with back-end systems (data and content)
  • Application defined and maintained on the server side
  • Single User Interface (UI) definition
  • Secure access via HTTPs with Papyrus Portal
  • User roles define access capabilities and authorizations
  • Corporate data not stored in device, avoiding loss of data
  • Offline works
  • Quick and easy extension of business application supported by change management and "one-click" deployment

Mobilize your Business with Your Own In-house App Store

The Platform provides one generic Papyrus Enterprise App for Google Android and one for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app will be branded to reflect your company’s look and feel and then downloaded to the mobile devices. Within your single new app, multiple sub-applications are configured and distributed by your administrator based on the user’s responsibilities and needs. The apps can be freely defined and delivered to fit your unique business needs, running the same way in the browser and on desktop. The organizations are free to do the following:

  • Define and release applications at any time
  • Grant or revoke access to applications and content
  • Maintain and deploy changes centrally

Examples of general-purpose apps:

Cases Dashboard Expense and Travel Management This application lists all Adaptive Case Management cases for which the user has permission to check, execute and modify.
Creator Expense and Travel Management Supports the creation of Papyrus Wizard documents and helps create documents based on questions and answers through dynamic forms.
Content Management Services Expense and Travel Management This app allows you to access and manage content coming from archived Adaptive Case Management cases.
Mobile Inbox Expense and Travel Management The mobile inbox provides the tasks the user is currently working on or assigned to – each task can be checked and/or executed by the user.
Dashboard Documents Expense and Travel Management This app lists all documents the current user has permission to check, execute and modify.
Search Expense and Travel Management Search for cases using the simple or advanced search functions.

Examples of business-specific apps

Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management
Remote Work Management Expense & Travel Management Activity Reporting Absence Request
Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management
Booking Change Requests Time Management Defect Management
Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management Expense and Travel Management
Skills and Training Recruitment, Interview and Onboarding Registration and Events Create and Sign Contracts

Mobile Business Apps can be defined as general purpose, widely applicable apps for daily use or specialized apps provided in the specific context of your business:

Execute your Enterprise Mobile Strategy With Confidence

Security is ensured through HTTPS connections to the Papyrus Portal as well as by user authentication and a role-based system-level access control system.

No confidential business data is stored on the mobile device, unless there is specific content that you want to access when working at remote places without mobile network services. Offline capabilities can be defined to control which data can be created, accessed and edited until device goes online again. The decision what should be stored on the device is made by the Business and defined by the Security Administrator centrally.

There is an ongoing auditing on who did what action, who accessed which data and from which device. The integrated role-based authorization ensures that a user can’t do anything on Mobile that he/she is not allowed to do with user rights defined centrally and not on the mobile device.

How is the Papyrus Enterprise Mobile Platform different?

  • Any business case – customer engagement & corporate collaboration
  • Standard software platform with large corporate user base
  • Strong SOA interfaces, no API coding required
  • No mobile development skills needed
  • Same application runs on desktop, browser and mobile
  • Fast Time-to-Market – deploy mobile apps within days
  • Time savings due to server based deployment of updates
  • Integration with any existing system – from Mainframe to PC
  • Centralized definition, delivery and complete control
  • Freely-definable data, content and processing
  • Customizable UIs
  • Ease of change
  • Absolute Stability, Security and Scalability

Advantages of Enterprise Mobility

  • Easy access to data, processes and business applications – anywhere at any point in time
  • Improved communication, sharing and real-time collaboration across divisions and departments
  • Employee empowerment and increased employee experience (EX)
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience (CX)
  • Reduced cost of doing business
  • Business agility and increased competitiveness
  • Security and scalability
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