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Interactive Business Documents

The system provides full support for Web applications and delivers electronic forms and PDF documents including URLs and QR codes and forms fill definitions. Webusers can directly request documents via a web form hosted on a company specific Web Portal. All data received from the user's forms fill and every click on a URL are immediately captured and the document composed on the server side to be directly and immediately returned to the user’s Web browser in a PDF or HTML format. Due to the processing nature of the Papyrus system, any additional action can be initiated in parallel if desired, such as automatic notification to the employee/department in charge, additional document printout and delivery per mail, etc.

Papyrus Online Channel

Papyrus Ad-Hoc Business Correspondence in Client/HTML

Move your Business Forms and Business Letters to the Web


  • Quickly create dynamic forms and letter applications with the Business Designer
  • Apply global template changes
  • Safe on maintenance cost
  • Avoid delay in time to market
  • Maintain consistent customer experience

Wizard-driven documents are supported by a thin-client browser architecture. By simply answering prompted questions within the document wizard, business users can easily create documents that cater to the needs of a specific customer. The associated document processes dynamically connect to various back-end services and provide required data in real time, noting the business user’s decisions, and automatically assembling the document to match the customer-specific situation, while taking all relevant regulations into consideration and avoiding any mistakes or omissions.

Papyrus in-document editing / letter writing

Depending on the application requirements end users can trigger the document generation process by selection of a certain document template from the document template library or receive ready instantiated documents in their inbox. They can enter variable data, select/de-select document building blocks, perform editing of prompted parts, include personal building blocks, etc. depending on their permissions and document settings defined by the Template Administrator with the rest of the document locked for change. Papyrus offers control to the level of which paragraph or variable can be edited, and what font, color, style, etc. can be used.

Interactive letter writing is supported by "In-document editing" and the Papyrus Correspondence Wizard document composition mechanism, which assists users by guiding them through choices & decisions, and automatically, step-by-step building complex documents that cater directly to the specific customer’s needs, ensuring there are no mistakes or omissions.

The Papyrus Wizard provides an assisted document composition by guiding users through context-specific questions, choices & decisions. It dynamically connects to various back-end services and provides data in real time, records all user’s decisions and automatically assembles the highly personalized document step-by-step, while taking all relevant regulations into consideration and avoiding possible mistakes or omissions. The complexity of this task is completely transparent to the user.

Business Clerk using interactive Document Wizard

The Document Wizard on Mobile