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A new enterprise-wide focus on improving customer experience has pushed organizations to move from a single channel to multi-channel to omni-channel Communications, responding to customer preferences across physical and digital touchpoints.

For the best customer and employee experience, it is imperative to go beyond isolated communication channels and leverage a unified cockpit for end-to-end job management of web, email, mobile, social and print communications delivery.

How can you use technology to transform your output management system to cater for highly personalized batch, online and interactive communication across all channels and ensure that every message is optimized?

Our Automated Document Factory (ADF) is the answer to many of the challenges you might face:

  • Migrating communication originally designed and formatted for physical delivery into a format suitable for digital PDF/HTML
  • A cockpit lets you control your print and e-delivery operations and move beyond disconnected multi-channel communications
  • A dashboard captures all events, performs cross-channel delivery tracking and provides a feedback loop
  • You can resend communication by the same or different channel, and for instance, when an email hard-bounces, send the same message automatically as a physical letter
  • Email tracking for opens and clicks, along with an automatic push notification received in case an email has not been opened within 24 hours.
  • Reporting and monitoring of all activity across channels in a unified view that shows which communication has taken place on what channels, inbound & outbound.

Delivery has to be an end-to-end process in a central omni-channel hub with real-time dashboards capturing all communication-related events.

We bring many years of experience and have successfully deployed numerous output management solutions currently in use by our global enterprise customers.

Find out more on the Gartner Peer Insights site and see what our customers have to say.

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