Annemarie Pucher CEO ISIS Papyrus: Efficient and cost-effective workflow for mission critical documents

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Photo: Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus Software

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The personalized business document is a key to successful customer engagement. Too often, a document/letter process solution does not provide an efficient or cost-effective workflow from document template creation through document change management, approvals and version control to printing and e-delivery.

The reality is that companies have a high number of document templates that take too long to create and maintain. Businesses wait weeks or months for a simple, one-word change in an important customer document template because IT is the only department that can make the change and is often backlogged with other high-priority projects.

Papyrus Business Designer allows users to handle change requests directly in a fast and managed way, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing timelines for production processes. The overall cost is reduced and enables faster and smoother document creation and composition by business teams, with review/approve workflow that is auditable to track the history of changes and delivery management.

Papyrus smart document design concepts unify all print and e-delivery output channels and consolidate high-volume batch output, real time, interactive and letter writing – eliminating duplication and content chaos. The business edits core template elements that cascade to multiple document templates, reducing the number of templates and maintenance substantially. This process ensures consistency in messaging and branding.

Video: Papyrus Business Designer Demo

I look forward to seeing you at our World Conference & Open House at the Papyrus Software Park in Vienna, Austria, on 5-7 May 2019.


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