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    ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019
    The FOCUS is always on YOU!
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    ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019
    A Golden Opportunity!
    Executive-level Idea Exchange
    Effective Face-to-Face Meetings
    Focused Presentations of New Solutions
    Efficient access to Top-level Consultants
    Direct Discussions with your Peers
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    ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019
    Come celebrate our 30-year anniversary at our new Austrian headquarters
    Enjoy the relaxed elegance of the Opening Gala Event.
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    ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019
    Real-world Customer Case Studies
    Real-world project expectations
    Real-world documents and processes
    Real-world performance analytics
    Real-world reviews and projections
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    ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019
    YOUR questions answered
    YOUR solution demoed
    YOUR project discussed
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    ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019
    Management Circle Seminar
    Executive Exchange
    Strategic Discussions
    Planning the Future
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    ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019
    Viennese charm,
    Business and Networking
    at the same place and time,
    this happens only at the ISIS Papyrus Open House!
    Detlef Zeger, SV SparkassenVersicherung

We are preparing for one of our most interesting and exciting Open House and User Conferences in 2019.

Continuous change shapes our information technology world. That change comes from both the progress in technology but equally from a change in the business environment. Businesses are faced with the fact that the demands on security and privacy, a switch to mobile technology, augmentation of human skills and continuous availability in time and space have exploded. Further changes in the use, location and skill of the workforce and the dynamics of economy and regulation have made planning for information technology a massive challenge.

It has become of utmost importance to employ a strategy that will give the business both the necessary stability and security in their transaction processing and record keeping while providing a substantial upgrade in flexibility and adaptability in user and customer interaction. The biggest issue for most businesses has been to achieve that level of integration.

We will demonstrate and explain how all the industry-leading content and process services of the Papyrus Platform are integrated within both ACM and Papyrus Converse, providing state-of-the-art user front-ends on PC, browser and Mobile. We will show how machine learning capabilites of the User-Trained Agent provides the utmost in flexibility and process optimisation. Learn how unstructured incoming content or messages can trigger the right process for the right organisation while extracting essential data.

But we also agree with the findings of the most recent Madisions Advisors Study: ‘While technology continues to move toward digital- only interactions, PRINT is still a vital component of customer communications management (CCM) and plays an important role in an Omni-channel strategy.‘

As you can see the ISIS Papyrus OpenHouse and User Conference should not be missed to stay on the forefront of technology. Our Management Circle Seminars provide essential knowledge sharing on an executive level. Our hands-on labs allow the technical experts to check out the functionality in detail. It is always a gathering of experts and visionary minds.

We want to invite you to join us and be part of this great event.

Annemarie Pucher, CEO
Max J. Pucher, CTO

Hot Topics

Digital Business Transformation

Digital business transformation is a key initiative for many organizations. With a well-defined plan, agility and a powerful digital software platform with support for RPA and AI, organizations can introduce a new business model that offers Omni-channel engagement, enhanced customer experience (CX) and streamlined operations. The Papyrus digital platform innovation is addressing true digital transformation of the entire business operations, irreversibly changing the way how companies interact with clients and employees to run the business more productively, efficiently and profitably.

Omni-channel Business Engagement

Customers use today three or more channels when contacting companies. This requires a new communication model that will go beyond disconnected channels to offer seamless Omni-channel engagement across channels with a real-time back-office integration for quality of service and enhanced customer experience. The consistency of conversation is ensured through all communication linked to a customer case across the entire customer journey.

Machine Learning empowered by AI

Training machines to recognize documents and messages while continuously optimizing information capture is a remarkable technology that can immensely increase efficiency. But what really improves business capability is a process solution that learns over time what your knowledge workers do when processing a case – when a certain document arrives, a particular state is recognized or when an exception is encountered.

Multi-Channel Inbound Mail Data Capture

Digitizing and intelligently extracting data from incoming e-mails, PDFs, scans, fax and messages in structured and unstructured formats, including handwritten information is a key strength of Papyrus Capture. The stateof- the-art, self-learning classification process and machine learning utilize pattern recognition to increase accuracy and efficiency of data capture.

Single-Source Document Design Across Physical & Digital

Smart document design by business teams and IT leveraging the holistic “One platform approach” allows companies to set new standards in communication with their clients and achieve significant gains in efficiency and business agility. Document layouts and building blocks are created only once and re-used across document applications and across templates for delivery via e-mail/HTML, Mobile, Web, PDF and AFP print – achieving efficiency, CI/CD, precision and quality. Integrated versioning, change and release management allow business teams to sign-off and deploy document changes at any point in time without waiting for a next general release.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Process flow diagrams for the Customer Journey are often too rigid for the modern business world. The Papyrus key innovation - ‘User Trained Agent’ (UTA) – takes a different approach and utilizes machine learning to empower business users with interactive process discovery and pattern recognition capabilities, supporting each customer individually. Papyrus can capture and classify any incoming document and message, automatically trigger the process/case, assign goals based on rules and suggest a rated ‘best next action.’

Omni Channel Communication

Business Solutions for Mobile

Papyrus applications can run as native applications on all leading mobile devices in support of Enterprise Mobility. Users are able to communicate, take actions, track events, send requests and receive notifications with a direct back-office connectivity and smooth interactions with existing CRM, BPM, ERP and database systems even when out of the office.

Preferred Channel Delivery / Output Management

Communication is delivered to each individual in their preferred language and channels of communication - Web, e-mail, Chat, SMS, Social, Mobile or paper, with a transformation to the specific channel only at delivery time for utmost channel independence. Tracking, tracing and monitoring of all jobs, starting with receiving the data and completing with archiving of documents with a feedback loop and notifications are key capabilities.

Reporting and Monitoring Across Channels

All channels are presented in a unified view to understand which communication has taken place via which channels (inbound & outbound), even when crossing channels in parallel conversations. Monitoring and reporting tools provide evidence that communications get delivered in a timely manner and help identify problems at the earliest point in a conversation.

Online Channel Business Correspondence

Doing business online is of critical importance for your organization’s existence and connects you fast and conveniently to customers, prospects and partners. Online channel services can be fully managed by business teams and offered via Wizard-assisted Webforms for customer self-service through your Website or mobile app directly linked to your back office for operational support.

Adaptive Case Management

puts people at the center of a process and allows them to intervene and apply their judgment and expertise to adapt to concrete business situations and create exactly what they need, when they need it to achieve the best possible outcomes. In ACM, business users can DESIGN while they EXECUTE.

A Single View of All Customer Activity

The focus lies on Digital Transformation, Customer Experience (CX) and Business Empowerment with a 360° view of the customer – positioning companies to interact with customers and partners as ‘one company - one voice’.

Make Enterprise Content Available to the Fingertips of Knowledge Workers

Easy access to all documents and content plays a key role in boosting productivity of knowledge workers in sales and customer service. Organizations need to bridge the silos and provide intelligent content services with unified content and processes within a business context to employees across enterprise teams – from anywhere to anywhere - to effectively connect, collaborate, up-sell, cross-sell and work on one single version of truth.

Incident Management / Ticketing

The way to Customer Engagement Excellence Most customer service solutions cannot keep up with today’s customer engagement requirements, as customers want to experience fast response to their inquiries or reported issues using preferred channel of communication. Papyrus Ticketing serves as a new system of engagement across a number of departments, helping companies increase employee productivity and deliver top-notch service for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Facilitated Integration With Existing Applications And Devices

Learn about SOA Adapters with support for a wide range of protocols: • Online channels/portals - Web Services, SOAP, HTTPS • E-mail/Notifications – SMTP, POP3, MAPI, IMAP, SMS • Mainframe - JES 2/3 & CICS, MQ • Databases - Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, ODBC • Business Application integration - SAP, Social, Mobile-REST • Java, .Net, MQ-Series, FILE, XML, FAX, VOIP, SNMP, LDAP, CMIS

Building Value Streams:

Get Your Ideas To Execution Faster Organizations have a huge backlog in delivering digital business solutions – IT does not have the resources; professional services are associated with huge costs, and lengthy project implementations often lead to further shortage of IT staff and prevent modernization. Organizations thus need a new innovative approach that empowers the Business to model their ‘value streams’ with detailed processes and rules.

Campaign Management / Targeted Messaging

The Papyrus collaboration platform for campaign management earned the highest honors for digital transformation excellence, agility and high value creation. With help of the Out-of-the-Box ACM Framework, customer’s Creative Services Teams are driving creation, modification and administration of a large number of marketing and regulated materials with more than 60 media types in nearly 30 languages, with efficient approval cycles that grant quality and compliance in a highly regulated

"An interesting and very productive conference. Personal interaction can really not be replaced."
Helvetia Insurance, Nils Gommans, Team Lead Document Systems

Preview Videos

Get a first taste of demos and presentations at the Open House 2019

Open House Agenda

Monday, 6 May - Sessions


Welcome with coffee


Keynote: The Push and Shove of Digital
Speaker: Max J. Pucher - CTO Papyrus Software

Continuous change shapes our information technology world. It is no longer driven from inside a business but instead pushed and shoved by consumers and governments. That push comes from the progress in technology and the shove from a change in the business environment and governments. You are faced with the fact that the demands on security and privacy, a switch to mobile technology, augmentation of human skills and continuous availability in time and space have exploded. It has become of utmost importance to employ a strategy that will give the business both the necessary stability and security in their transaction processing and record keeping while providing a substantial upgrade in flexibility and adaptability in user and customer interaction.


Omni-Channel Customer Experience
Speaker: Annemarie Pucher – CEO Papyrus Software

Excellence in Omni-channel support is the ultimate goal in achieving an outstanding customer experience.

  • Engaging with both traditional and digital clients on one digital platform
  • Striving to move beyond disconnected multi-channel communications (inbound/outbound)
  • Allowing for real-time messaging and integration with existing applications


Networking coffee break


Unified document design by Business teams for physical and digital channels

A strategy for designing documents for print and digital, achieving a ‘One Company - One Voice’ customer communication.

  • Best practices for creating highly personalized and consistent cross-channel business documents
  • Single unified design for print, PDF and HTML reusing content building blocks across formats
  • Inclusion of videos, graphics, charts, personalized messages and promotions
  • Business teams create, extend and maintain templates and rules with the Business Designer
  • Integrated versioning, Change and Release Management
  • Migration from MS Word and other PC document formats


Preferred channel delivery with feedback loop

Powerful Postprocessing capabilities and the Automated Document Factory help you to move beyond disconnected multi-channel communications and lets you control your print and e-delivery operations.

  • Best practices transforming from paper to digital
  • Collect output in the Pool, bundle and augment each page with channel-specific information
  • HTML5/PDF/SMS/e-mail/mobile, printing considerations and available solutions
  • Monitoring and reporting across e-mail, WebPortal, printing and archiving


Incident Management / Ticketing in the Omni Channel World

A ticket can be a reported issue, a question, an inquiry, a defect or a change request processed over a period of time to achieve a solution or any other type of complex activity before being ‘completed.’ The out-of-the box Papyrus Ticketing framework is fast to implement, adaptable and configurable, and unlike alternatives provides your customer with the Omni-channel communication experience.

  • A unified single user interface with a 360-degree view of the ticket case for higher productivity
  • Adaptive processes for exception handling
  • Ticket cases can have related tickets or dependent sub-tickets, all accessed directly from the displayed ticket


Sharing experiences – Guest speaker
Output Consolidation Strategy – Best Practices using Papyrus

Rather than having multiple, custom-built systems that deal with content – ingestion, analysis, processing and generation; this company is taking the approach to consolidate in order to reduce the internal efforts to develop content-centric processes, while presenting a more seamless customer experience across multiple channels. This is particularly important for personalized outbound documents, whether transactional (e.g., statements/invoices), ad hoc (online presentment), or as the result of a business interaction (e.g. targeted message, campaign), since the customer needs to be able to receive the same information, regardless of which interaction channel they choose.




Automate and digitize inbound mail channels
Manage all your inbound channels by one single definition and by events, routing mail through the steps of classification, recognition and data extraction to validation and distribution to users in different departments.

  • Supervised learning and continuous improvement of the intelligent data capture
  • User-trained, multi-channel Inbound Capture
  • Integration with existing hardware, software and applications
  • System monitoring and auditing


Sharing experiences – Guest speaker PostNL
E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Accelerator for Digitization supporting the European Norm

Speakers: Ted Gerritsen, PostNL, Business Consultant
Roy Peulen, PostNL, Implementation Consultant

The realization of E-Invoicing has become an important topic around the world. With new government initiatives ahead, a diversity of challenges need to be faced and E-Invoicing is being implemented at a very fast pace in order for governments and companies to benefit from significant cost savings and to enhance compliance. Taking into account this global roll-out, the market demands for a platform to exchange best practices, new ideas and opinions on E-Invoicing as well as topics that go beyond.


Networking coffee break


Business Applications on Mobile

The ‘Mobile workplace’ business initiatives reflect a growing reliance on smartphones and tablets. Learn about best practices for going mobile, plus real-world success stories and cautionary tales.

  • Which business segments benefit most from a mobile application?
  • Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS)
  • Integration with existing legacy applications and security


Integrating with existing applications and legacy

Simplified integration, interoperability and connectivity asks for a SOA handshake integration agreement – platform independent and loosely coupled between the enterprise business application and the Papyrus platform.

  • File and Messaging Adapters
  • Native integration with databases
  • Integration with 3rd party archiving systems
  • Integration with existing hardware and software


Ask the expert session

Discuss with the ISIS Papyrus management and solution architects:

  • Translating company goals into a strategy that consolidates ECM, CRM and BPM
  • Optimizing your investment by building an agile communication platform for the future
  • Discuss the requirements for the business graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Integrating inbound and outbound communication as a business need

Tuesday, 7 May - Sessions


Welcome with coffee


Keynote: Digital Business in Real Time

A Website or Mobile device provides public access as an integrated part of the whole Omni-channel network and is directly linked with operational users performing Adaptive Case Management.

  • Real-time, responsive communications with back-office user integration
  • Live Chat/Chatbot/Social/Web/Mobile interfaces
  • Documents in real time with e-Signature
  • Easy Onboarding for new products and services, e-Enrollment
  • Claims submission, offer request, complaints


Interactive PDFs and Web Documents using the Wizard

Experience a new “dual-level approach” with a process-driven working style.

  • Clerks create documents by simply answering prompted questions
  • Dynamic URLs, QR codes and forms fill definitions
  • Connected WebServices provide required data on the fly
  • Multi-lingual business staff works in their language of choice
  • Data-driven statements, invoices and reports in HTML5
  • Interactive letter writing with in-document editing


Sharing experiences – Guest speaker Reli Group USA
Reli-Ability Platform build on Papyrus Adaptive Case Management

Speaker: Mike Reinhold, Chief Technology Officer

RELI-Ability allows users to access intelligent workflows, superior data capture capabilities, rich reporting and simplified integration, all Out-of-the-Box with no coding ever. The powerful RELIAbility Platform was build in less than 3 month.


Networking coffee break


Adaptive Case Management – Building your Value Streams!

See the full range from straight-through processes through dynamic processes to completely unstructured processes driven by rules and ad-hoc content arrival, such as scans, e-mails, PDFs, and mobile content.

  • On-boarding, recruitment, time management, work task management, lead management
  • Adaptive and goal-oriented business processes supporting exception handling
  • Enhanced quality and speed of customer service case resolution
  • Collaboration and knowledge work
  • Desktop, Browser, Mobile, Cloud


Content Management for the Empowerment of the Collaborative Work

Knowledge workers need all information at their fingertips when processing a case. Customer service and call centers must find, view, send and possibly resend information. WebPortal access to documents and e-mail utilizes the short-term archive to control and monitor real-time, responsive communications with back-office user integration.

  • Distributed depots, retention periods, GDPR
  • Drag-and-drop or directly scan into Archive
  • Automatic indexing for full-text search
  • Archiving of complete case, annotations and comments
  • E-delivery, Mobile and Cloud support


Innovation: Papyrus Converse

Experience a mind-shift. Papyrus Converse brings a whole new perspective on how to externalize business knowledge and implement ‘value streams’ that are smart and adaptive. Papyrus Converse uses a new method to define, plan and execute ‘value streams’ that are governed and described within the business architecture based on business language. Business rules are critical to guide the effort of users toward objectives and reduce risk by ensuring compliance.


Analyst Session – Forrester Research
Content Is A Foundation For Digital Transformation

Speaker: Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals

Business runs on content and communications. Organizations are at various stages of their path to digital transformation – but one point is clear ... digital business requires automation, better use of data, and eliminating manual processes. Extracting value and insights from content will be key to digital maturity.




Sharing experiences – Guest speaker Fondsdepot Bank
Customer Communication undergoing a period of transition

Speaker: Frank Marschner, Chief Information Officer (CIO) bei Fondsdepot Bank GmbH; Member of the board

Customer needs change quickly! A change in customer behavior, new technologies and growing compliance are the new accelerators of the customer engagement management. Multi-channel strategies characterize the personalized and individualized communication and sales strategies. Customers are hybrid, the digital communication is in the foreground. For this purpose new technologies open up new opportunities. How does Fondsdepot Bank handle these challenges?


Campaign Management with Targeted Messaging

Creative business teams plan a campaign that stretch across multiple channels. They create the marketing content as text, image or video building blocks and define rules for including such content into highly personalized data-driven business correspondence per e-mail and paper.

  • Creating personalized marketing messages
  • Integration with data and definition of rules for the Campaign
  • Delivery management (e-mail, SMS, portal, Mobile, paper)
  • Tracking, monitoring and reporting with feedback loop (bounced, clicked, opened)
  • Campaign performance analytics
2019 Open House and User Conference

The Management Circle Seminar contains inspiring interdisciplinary topics
and connects discussions in a relaxing atmosphere.

This seminar is dedicated to enterprise management and directors who like to exchange experience and ideas with their peers on strategic IT subjects. The ISIS Papyrus Executives will present four short presentations including different perspectives of important current and future IT topics and how you can leverage more of your current Papyrus investment. This will lead into a moderated, interactive communication exchange and later open discussion.

The Digital Enterprise – Leveraging Machine Learning Capabilities

There‘s a lot of excitement about Artificial Intelligence and business automation these days. The vision is to free humans from performing mundane and repetitive business tasks and assist them with better access to better information to better serve customers and the business. As a result, it seems like just about every technology product now has the artificial intelligence “label” attached to it. For C-suite executives and technologists today, the challenge is to move beyond the hype to use machine learning and automation in ways that make a real difference in the performance of the organization.

The Implications of a Lack of Integration Between ECM and CRM Systems

Every organization wants to increase agility and productivity by extracting maximum value from its processes and content. Organizations need to bridge the silos created by disparate lead applications to seamlessly pull structured and unstructured information together and present a 360 degree view of the customer CASE to the knowledge workers who need it. Integration with inbound and outbound mail channels and easy access to ALL documents and digital content is a key requirement in fully leveraging a CRM system.

Building Business Value Streams – A mind shift is needed

Experience a mind-shift. Papyrus Converse brings a whole new perspective on how to externalize business knowledge and implement ‘value streams’ that are smart and adaptive. Papyrus Converse uses a new method to define, plan and execute ‘value streams’ that are governed and described within the business architecture based on business language. Business rules are critical to guide the effort of users toward objectives and reduce risk by ensuring compliance.

From Physical to Digital: Shall the Business take ownership of document applications?

Business is still using Microsoft Word or some other manual process to create customer letters. They are waiting weeks or months for a simple one-word change to an important customer document template because IT is the only one that can make the change and they are backlogged with other high-priority projects. Current business systems are limited to print-only, but your customers want to receive their communications via e-mail, fax, text messages, mobile or the Web. But your web, mobile, email, and print customer communications teams and tools have historically been separate and silo’d. Coordinating and leveraging the best of document designer and delivery with physical and Web technologies has great potential to improve customer engagement, increase profitability, and mitigate risk.

Moderated by industry experts:

  • Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester Research, Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals
  • Hans-Peter Feldner, TÜV AUSTRIA HOLDING AG, Head of Group IT
  • Ted Gerritsen, PostNL, Business Consultant
  • Roy Peulen, PostNL, Implementation Consultant
  • Mike Reinhold, Reli Group, Chief Technology Officer
  • Frank Marschner, Fondsdepot Bank GmbH, Chief Information Officer (CIO); Member of the board

Monday, 6 May - Management Circle Seminar


Opening Keynote: The Push and Shove of Digital


Keynote: Omni-Channel Customer Experience


Networking coffee break


Discussion The Digital Enterprise – Leveraging Machine Learning Capabilities


Case Study: Output Consolidation Strategy




Case Study: PostNL – E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Accelerator for Digitization supporting the European Norm


Networking coffee break


Discussion: The implications of a lack of integration between ECM and CRM systems


Discussion: Building Business Value Streams – A mind shift is needed


Discussion: Ask the expert

Tuesday, 7 May - Management Circle Seminar


Keynote: Digital Business in Real Time


Case Study: RELI Group – Reli-Ability Platform build on Adaptive Case Management


Networking coffee break


Solution Showcase: Building your Value Streams


Analyst session Forrester Research – Content is a Foundation For Digital Transformation




Discussion: Shall the Business take ownership of document applications?


Case Study: Fondsdepot Bank – Customer Communication undergoing a period of transition

Packed with new ideas and inspiration we return home to put this into action.
Martin Mögle, Finanz-Informatik Technologie Service

Communication with your customers spans across all areas of business activity. This means managing multiple inbound and outbound channels and integrating data from multiple business applications. Content becomes an essential part of the context in customer engagement.

Monday, 6 May - Workshops & Labs


Business Designer for Correspondence

  • Data interface definition
  • Template design, content creation, rule creation
  • Change/Release management – from development to production
  • Central resource management for corporate fonts and images
  • Sign-off, text and content compare


Implementing Single-Source document templates for Print/PDF/HTML

  • Get an introduction to creating responsive HTML documents
  • Creating and reusing building blocks for each channel
  • Creating Wizard forms and its processes
  • Defining rules in natural language
  • Interactive text editing and letter writing


Adaptive Case Management – Building your Value Streams

  • Learn the fundamentals of Case setup
  • Define event-driven Business Processes
  • Use ACM framework solution on desktop, Mobile and Cloud
  • Integrate Correspondence and Inbound Capture into process-driven business applications


Incoming Mail – Capture, Manage, Distribute and Archive

  • Intelligent classification, content extraction and automated distribution
  • Self-learning with user-trained processes
  • User-supported ‘Lasso’ functionality
  • Embedding Inbound mail into Case Management
  • Archiving – short-term, long-term, search

Tuesday, 7 May - Workshops & Labs


Output Management – Omni-channel Print & eDelivery

  • Bundle and sort outbound mail in the central pool
  • Learn how to further automate document delivery to e-channels
  • Setup delivery rules, allow for feedback loop and reporting
  • Design your print and e-delivery processes
  • Experience how documents are optimized with channel-specific content at time of delivery


Mobile Business Apps

  • Learn how to create your own dashboard
  • Define the Business Process that can be performed on Mobile
  • Setup a new existing Correspondence Framework Document Wizard on the Creator


You are cordially invited to join us on a guided tour through the 'Worldmuseum Vienna.’ With its oldest exhibits acquired in the 16th century, the museum presents itself as an avenue for connecting cultures and people. Worldmuseum Vienna interprets the diverse historical ties between Austria and the world in its collections from around the globe. After this social event, we will enjoy a delicious seated gala dinner in the grand hall of columns together with our guests. We kindly ask for your registration.

A private bus shuttle will take guests from all conference hotels “Babenbergerhof,” “Eventhotel Pyramide” and "Rainers21" to the event. The bus shuttle will depart the hotels at 5pm and return around midnight.

General Information

Travel Information

Conference Location

Papyrus Software Park
Papyrus Platz 1
Brunn am Gebirge/Vienna


To register for the ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference 2019, please register online: www.isis-papyrus.com/register-OHA


Sessions will be held in English and German.


ISIS Papyrus will provide lunch on both conference days at the Papyrus Software Park.


Participation at the Open House and User Conference and the Management Circle Seminar is free of charge. Registration is required.


The local currency is the Euro. Most leading credit cards are accepted.

Travel Information

By plane:
From Vienna International Airport you can take a taxi or rental car to get to the Papyrus Software Park and our conference hotels. The trip takes about 30 minutes. Airport taxi service starts at € 33.
By car:
In general coming from the airport on the Autobahn, follow the signs to Graz on A4, change to S1, then to A21 and take Exit 36 ‘Brunn am Gebirge’ or coming from the West Autobahn A1, change to A23 and take Exit 36 ‘Brunn am Gebirge’.
Travel Maps: www.isis-papyrus.com/travelinfo

Hotel Reservation

We have reserved rooms at three close-by hotels (subject to availability):
Hotel Babenbergerhof
Babenbergergasse 6, 2340 Mödling
The Hotel Babenbergerhof is located close to the ISCC in Mödling, on the outskirts of Vienna.
Costs: room rates € 90 for comfort room for single use per night including breakfast buffet

Eventhotel Pyramide
Parkallee 2, 2334 Vösendorf
The Eventhotel Pyramide is located close to the ISCC and 30 minutes from Vienna’s city center by train.
Costs: room rates starting at € 100 for comfort room for single use per night including breakfast buffet

Hotel Rainers21
Campus21, 2345 Brunn am Gebirge
Rainers21 is located at Campus 21 within 10 walking minutes from the conference.
Costs: room rates starting at €79 for comfort room for single use per night including breakfast buffet

On Monday and Tuesday mornings, a shuttle bus will bring guests from the hotels to the conference in Brunn am Gebirge.

For more information please contact:

Papyrus Software Park
Papyrus Platz 1
2345 Brunn am Gebirge, Austria
T: +43-2236-27551-0
E-mail: events@isis-papyrus.com