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Papyrus Omni-Channel solution unifies communication channels, customer touch points, events, data and processes and offers channel diagnostics and optimized customer experience across channels and process steps.

  • Both written and telephone customer service via one platform
  • Absolute reliability in routing and real-time/near-time response management
  • Easy integration with multiple systems involved in service delivery
  • Intuitive user interface with a 360-degree view of the customer with NO SWITCHING between systems
  • Intuitive AI-supported processing with guidance / Fast onboarding of new agents
  • Transparency - traceability, SLA monitoring, reporting

Customer Contact and Service Center solutions must go beyond isolated communication channels - corporate website, email, mobile, social, chat, etc. - and make customer information seamlessly available to employees and systems for increased efficiency and consistent customer experience.


Fully automated multi-channel capture with AI-supported unified recognition and automated rule-based assignment to employees, systems and processes helps your Service Center quickly and reliably understand requests, assign them correctly and in 'realtime/neartime' deliver the right answer.

You can take various factors into account when making a routing decision and freely decide what routing models and in which combinations should be used - Agent-centric Routing, Queue-based routing, Preference routing, Service level routing, Contact routing, etc. The system connects to your telephone system and routes work by various criteria such as priorities, skills, availability, etc.

The goal is to achieve first time resolution, find the best agent for the customer problem and utilize agents in the best possible way to provide excellent service and reduce costs.

A single cockpit

Working in direct customer contact requires both extensive knowledge and efficiency - this is why the system provides full customer contact history and access to customer data, documents and communication channels in a single user interface. Agents work in an intuitive way with a 360-degree view of the customer and can directly accept requests via synchronous channels (telephone, video call) as well as asynchronous channels (email, letter, etc.) in a single cockpit. Front-end customer interactions are connected to the back office, and all customer interactions across channels - email, telephone, fax, website, chat, SoM, etc. – made available without delay. The user interface can be adapted to specific needs of the agent and is equipped with reminder and templating functionality as well as integrated communication via chat, web, wikis, blog and social media for information exchange and active collaboration on the customer’s issue.

Both written and telephone customer service is handled consequently in a single intuitive interface without 'switching' between systems or channels, resulting in significantly increased acceptance rate and processing speed, increased First Time Fix Rate (FTFR) and reduced costs per request.

Fast onboarding of new agents

Every customer request is associated with a case that follows all your interactions with the customer and captures the information on the overall processing of the request over a period of time. Papyrus utilizes here its integrated BPM & Adaptive Case Management (ACM) technology with automation and AI-based management of individual customer cases in the same solution.

Processes adapt to your way of working and allow you to model, monitor and optimize the processing according to your KPIs. Requests can be automatically assigned, processed and forwarded, while intuitive wizards guide agents in handling of general or special processes. The AI-supported 'User Trained Agent' (UTA) technology provides help in the process of decision making with suggestions that have proved to be the best option in similar situations.

This increases service delivery efficiency and facilitates fast onboarding of new agents.

Compliance and quality assurance

The system provides extensive logging and monitoring. Service performance is monitored in real time and can be in just a few clicks quickly overviewed, with all business relevant indicators displayed as graphs, diagrams or columns of figures. On reaching thresholds a request can be automatically redirected, the supervisor notified and an escalation process executed. Supervisor has at all times a full overview of the status of processing and the responsible service team, and can intervene if necessary.

Facilitated Integration

Integration with all systems required for service delivery, such as CRM, Knowledge Management, archive, etc. is performed through configuration instead of coding. Integration with Cisco and other telephone systems allows to accept a call or initiate outgoing phone calls with a click of the mouse directly from the central cockpit. Email, chat and other channels, such as self-service portal are fully integrated and a detailed insight in relevant customer interactions and transaction information with open customer processes and cases, incoming and outgoing communication, conversation guidelines and entries from the knowledge database provisioned on the spot.