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Dynamically Deliver Custom Notifications Across All Channels

Key Benefits:

  • Full integration with existing enterprise applications
  • Support for desktop, browser and mobile
  • Definable trigger points by both third-party applications and Papyrus products
  • Integrated inbound, outbound messaging (email, SMS, print, mobile app)
  • All messages are tracked - from creation to delivery and opening

Product Description

Papyrus Notification Service supports the dynamic delivery of customized notifications, over various outbound channels, by definable trigger conditions.

Through state-of-the-art SOAP or REST adapters, the Papyrus platform integrates seamlessly into already existing architecture.

Events performed by third-party applications or Papyrus products/frameworks can trigger a notification. These simple- or document-based notifications are easily customizable and can be distributed across all Outbound Channels when powered by the dynamic Print and E-Delivery Solution. Every message sent can be tracked from creation, through delivering, to opening.

Triggers for Notification

Trigger points can be defined by either third-party applications or Papyrus products/frameworks:

  • External Third Party Applications

    Existing applications can be integrated with one of the various standardized Papyrus adapters (REST, SOAP, TypeManager, File, MQ,..)

  • Internal Papyrus products/frameworks

    Also all internal products are integrated with the Papyrus notification service.

Notification Types

  • Simple Notification

    Papyrus receives a message that is forwarded to the destination system.

  • Document-based Notification

    Data is received and used to create a document that will be distributed directly to the end user.

  • Third-party notification

    Data from third-party applications is received and delivered over various outbound channels.

Delivery to the end system/user

Empowered by the Papyrus E-Delivery solution, notifications can be delivered to all modern outbound channels, such as email, SMS, mobile apps or even third-party channels. This solution is easily configurable without hard-coded scripts.